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Monday, August 8, 2016

Don't Stress About the Food

Do you think eating healthy is too hard? I say keep it simple and don't stress. Too many of us are getting frustrated counting calories, weighing food, and calculating macro percents ad nauseum. Healthy food choices have become an overwhelming chore.

Have you heard of the saying throw out the scale? Apply that mentality to our food by tossing the scales and calculators. Eating right is about quality and not calories anyway. Who needs a scale if your pounding down kale, right? Eating donuts, pastries, and white bread is a different story.

Eating right is simply swaping out unhealthy choices for healthy food. Instead of eating french fries, bake sweet or even white potatoes. It also helps to use nutrient timing and eat every 2 to 3 hours. Eating small meals throughout the day stimulates our metabolism, regulates blood sugar, and eliminates feeling hungry.

Eating healthy is a good thing. Keeping it simple will allow you to enjoy your food and feel good about your healthy lifestyle. Start today by switching out unhealthy choices for healthy foods. Calculators and food scales aren't required for this process. Keeping a simple food journal may be a good idea starting out. Don't make journaling a chore either. If tracking macronutrients, put check marks next to the nutrients consumed at each meal.  Remember, eating right is not about being a task but an enjoyment in our healthy life.

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Stay Healthy


  1. About food and nutrition we could write a book of suggestions. I don't consider myself an expert but just the result of my own experimentation, reading and knowledge.

    I read that 75% of the results are due to nutrition and 25% about the training.

    The first mistake people do to get lean...they eat less. Eating less and exercising has a negative impact on the result, actually your body will start retaining nutrient because it feels like it is startving.

    Eat often small meal every 2 to 3 hours. Also if you are not feeling hungry. Of course you need to eat healthy. Through away any junk food and go with fresh. My role is, if the food is in a box, it is not good.
    Other suggestion when you eat out, don't be worried to ask what it is not on the menu. A lot of restaurants add butter on everything, ask not to add butter and you will have an healthier meal.

    For all skinny guys that want to build mass there is hope and it can be done. While I have not reached my optimal goal, I know I have been able to gain lean mass, I was 160 and now I am 195.5lbs.
    Secret was work hard at the gym...but I will tell you more in a future blog... we are talking about nutrition here.
    Eat Every 2 hours! MUST eat immediately as you wake up. Prepare a big breakfast (eggs, whole wheat toasts, jam, fruit, banana, cottage cheese) after breakfast every two hours, turkey, chicken, vegetables, etc...
    Skinny guys, your body is like a FERRARI, it "drinks" fuel like a HAMMER...and when you weight training it is like speeding at the traffic light.

  2. Hi Tom

    I really enjoyed reading your comment and how RIGHT ON you are on several points. You have done a fabulous job with implementing eating small healthy meals throughout the day complimented with your training program. Your lean mass gains are to be applauded. Thanks for being candid with what has worked for you and being an inspiration to the "skinny guys" out there.

    Train On and Stay Healthy

  3. Hi Darla! Thank for stopping by and following my blog! Much appreciated and I am just getting acquainted with yours. Something interesting in your blog that sparked my interest is your comment about keeping it simple. I work for an ad agency and we did some focus group work with people looking to become healthier. What was fascinating was how daunting it is. But it really just is small changes and little steps to get there and your approach to every meal is a great one. People get WAY to stressed and it is just down right silly.
    Thanks for the great post!


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