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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time and Fitness

Hi readers

Like most of you with jobs, family, relationships, etc., juggling time can be a challenge. Let me give you the secret that really isn’t a secret of time management….BUY A CALENDAR. In the busyness of our daily lives, we get little rest, drink caffeine to get going, maybe some wine at night to unwind, utilize the wonderful waves of the micro, eat too little, or too much. How to get off this roller coaster ride….slow down and enjoy the ride. Make your time of stress relief a priority. Get out that PEN and carve your appointment for your workout, a walk with friends or your dog, a time to meditate, read a good book, and JUST SPEND TIME BEING. Wow…what a concept. Do not let “Life Happen to You While Busy Making Other Plans”. Time goes too quickly to not enjoy what is right in front of you and you want to be in the best health possible to relish in each day.

My Personal share sample….as I juggle working with fabulous clients, paying bills, making calls, answering emails, and writing my blog, I take time to get in that hour workout. Not being a creature of habit, I utilize for example, my step for a fun 30 minute routine, and set up my universal bar with 50lbs and complete a kick-butt leg circuit for 3 cycles. Then realizing my 2 ½ hour time is nearing for my next fueling, off I go to check out my refrigerator….after a workout I usually grab my fresh fruit, throw in my blender with a bit of protein powder, water and ice….hits the spot!!!!

Stay Healthy!



  1. Another good one. And I must say as well that putting fitness at the top of your daily schedule is SO important. It should be just as much a part of your day as showering. :)

    Thanks for a great post.

  2. Hooray! I didnt know you had a blog. I have watched like every one of your youtube videos several times each. Love em! I will be visiting here often :)


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