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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Butt Squeeze Anyone?

Motivation of the Day: Exercise without Proper Form and Function is a Waste of Time and Energy

What the heck is she talking about….got your attention…GOOD. What I am talking about here is how I utilize my muscles while I am working out. In my routine today, I concentrated on a bodyweight interval targeting my legs and glutes as well as my anaerobic system. So, I give myself a good butt squeeze when I perform an exercise. What I mean by that is I think about my muscle, contract it, and use it to lift myself for example. I will share that during my ARC Trainer interval, I also concentrate on my glutes and contract them as I am running my bootie off. Do I keep them constantly contracted….NO…only during the movement….now that would be ridiculous to keep my butt in a constant contraction unless I want to create a “Charlie horse” in my bootie. Not the feeling I am looking for….what do I look for in a good butt squeeze…LOL? I am looking for the muscle being efficiently and effectively used during each exercise. I do not believe in wasting my time or any contractions. I want to feel a good burn in the muscle during the work, and upon completion of my workout, I want to feel as if I have exhausted the muscle completely and have to pick my butt off the floor and carry it into the next room. Not really to that extreme…but sort of. I maintain my glutes through high rep workouts and believe me, I put my all into the work. Yes, I am maintaining and this is how I do it. I enjoy the feeling of muscle fatigue from a good workout and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) the next day. A good butt squeeze workout lets me know that I have challenged myself and worked the muscles in a different way to cause muscle confusion. I never let my glute workouts get repetitive and allow my muscle to adapt to the same routine over and over. I love to change things up all the time and feel my butt being squeezed in different ways to keep maintaining, sculpting and being the BEST me from behind;) Another butt squeeze tip…while walking, I contract my glutes to get even a more intense workout. I do just about anything to modify and make an exercise more intense…..even walking. I definitely love a good butt squeeze and I know that tomorrow will let me know even more that it was GOOD! Off to soak my bootie in some Epsom salts;)

My Workout of the Day:

35 minute ARC interval

My Leg/Bootie Interval….I repeated this 5x… 

Step ups 20 each leg
Low Squat bench step-ons 20 reps
BOSU jumps 20 reps
ABS on the bench 20 reps

My Nutrition of the Day:

Coffee, one cup please

 Sweet potatoes and protein balls
1-Pre-workout shake
2-Post -workout shake
3-Sweet potato and Protein Ball
4-B/S chicken breast , avocado & mustard on Sprouted Bread
5-Grilled Shrimp & Fish with Steamed Veggies
6-Protein Pudding


  1. Really good workout and the food the looking awesome for you. Really it is looking yummy.

  2. I can't wait to try making some of your recipe ideas girl!! ;-)


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