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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


How many times do we justify being unhealthy with the “it’s only” intro.  Whether it’s only five pounds, two cookies, a bag of chips, one alcoholic drink, or one missed workout, it is easy to get hooked into the trap of “it’s only”.  What happens more than not is “it’s only” turns into a daily use of trying to get away with something that leads us in the opposite direction of our goals.  The five pounds turns into ten, the two cookies turns into five, one missed workout turns into several and you get the picture that is painted with two innocent words.

The “it’s only” dilemma can hit at any time, but I find it creeps back into the picture once results from following a great nutrition and fitness program have been achieved.  Further, I have seen it completely snowball into a return back into old unhealthy eating patterns and sedentary lifestyle.  The two words are not as innocent as one might believe and especially if an inner strength to follow through on the one time “it’s only” behavior is not fully obtained.  For example, let’s look at the time it takes to break the cycle of sugar craving which is generally two weeks to twenty one days, and hypothetically use a person that is two days shy of that goal and of all days, the “it’s only” word comes to mind and tongue as a store bought processed cookie is consumed.  Now, I am all about moderation and do not get me wrong on this, however, when it comes to not fully adopting a healthy lifestyle, this time of weakness can derail all the effort put into those days of breaking a sugar craving cycle. 

Personally, why risk the goals for “it’s only” and especially if there is a struggle of inability to resist unhealthy processed food? There is no denying that two innocent words can take a person from success to digress in short order, and within a few weeks, that person stands in shock and asking “how did this happen?”.  It happened because “it’s only” became the tool that was used more consistently than the healthy choices.  Pay attention to that inner voice that is talking and especially as unhealthy food choices and bailing on workouts are happening.  Also, check your friends and family and listen to what they are saying as well…they can be the worst “it’s only” culprits as you strive to reach your health and fitness goals.  The more we are aware of the two words that draw us backward and how we use them to justify unhealthy choices, the better we will be able to stand up against the negative impact “it’s only” can have on our bodies and overall health.    

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