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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Who is guilty?  The scale game starts as innocent accountability of weight loss and then turns into a game of just how much we can get away with.  The fitness program is going great, the weight is coming off at a healthy rate and all of a sudden our thoughts turn to bringing unhealthy food items back into our lives at a more than moderation rate.  We challenge that scale and see how far we can push those numbers because we think there is leeway.  The purpose of obtaining a healthy weight is not to yo-yo back and forth, but to get serious about our health and maintain the lifestyle.  If the scale gets in the way of that, it is time to toss it, especially when the “scale game” derails our health and fitness goals and mental game.

We are not kidding anyone but ourselves when we play games with our efforts and what is that saying about what we are doing.  There is no half-way living a healthy life and the expectation of obtaining goals by not giving your best will show not only on the scale, but with how our clothes are fitting, and how we feel overall.  The scale game robs us of what we are trying to accomplish with our health and body, and thinking that it is a way to sneak in what we shouldn’t, well that is just wrong.  Yes, it will let us know that we have gained or lost, but when the purpose is to see how much more crap we can eat, or how much less we can exercise, then I would call that scale abuse. I am all for weighing one time per week for accountability and celebrating maintaining a healthy weight, or weight loss, but put my foot down against the scale game. 


Success will never come from games or lack of commitment to your goals.  The results will come from effort, a change in lifestyle, and choices with the food we eat and the exercise that we do on a consistent basis.  The scale has nothing to do with the choices, but will let us know about positive progress in a weight loss program.  It can be a friend or foe depending on how our mental game perceives it and how it is being used.  If the “scale game” is an active part of a health program then it really is not a health program.  It is time to stop the games, dump the scale if necessary, and get on with what we are trying to accomplish with our efforts. 

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