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Friday, January 2, 2015


Fitness involves more than how much weight is lost or reps in a set that can be accomplished.  Being a fit person involves discipline for each day, creates awareness, and instills conscious living. Fitness is a lifestyle and goes way beyond the physical.   Having the desire to obtain a quality life and following through on that goal really defines being healthy and fit, and when the focus remains in that direction, we set ourselves up for feeling and looking our best for life. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves to squeeze into the tiniest jeans or boast the largest biceps, that we tend to forget how being fit is supposed to feel.  A fit and healthy body should be free or minimized of pain and many people do not realize just how good we are supposed to feel, and instead accept and accommodate pain on a daily basis.  A fit lifestyle includes physical exercise but not of the nature that will injure our bodies and create chronic setbacks, and eating healthy nutrient dense foods that provide our bodies with healing qualities.  Rest is also on the menu for a fit body and a very important part of the program.  Without proper rest and sleep, our bodies will not recover from the demands placed on it through workouts, stress, and the overall daily grind.  Balance of work and play is also a part of a healthy lifestyle and forgetting how to reach our inner child is sadly lost through the busyness of life.  Taking an active rest day enjoying the outdoors, or a shutdown day complete with pajamas and movies may be the trick to recharge the mental batteries. 

We all can enjoy our life and live a healthy lifestyle at the same time. This is the absolute truth and is accomplished by simply being consistent with our choices and follow-through.  Being fit does not take working out seven days a week for several hours a day and eating boiled fish and broccoli.  This is far from what living a healthy lifestyle looks like.  When our thoughts are on taking the best care of ourselves, the enjoyment of living this life flows naturally like breathing.  The desire to purchase fresh healthy foods and try new recipes is more of an exciting thing to look forward to and not a curl your lip up downer for a Friday night.   Also, when that is combined with finding an exercise program that is enjoyed and works for your body, nothing feels better and provides a positive mental outlook.  The balance of life through play and rest can’t be emphasized enough because life is about quality and feeling our best. 

When the focus is on health and improving the quality of our life, the “fit” part of that equation happens along the way.  Letting go of the stress of wanting to look a certain way tomorrow and concentrating on how good being healthy feels will eliminate the frustration and pressure that we too often place upon ourselves.  Living a healthy lifestyle encompasses everything that we do on the daily and the fact that we are physical beings does not mean that the emphasis on fitness is all about the physical.  Our awareness of the importance of being a healthy person, what we are consuming, how we move our bodies, how we think and act, and the balance we create for ourselves are all included within the definition of fitness.  What do you think about that and hopefully this has opened your eyes to a new attitude when it comes to being a fit person?

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  1. I'm a fan of your posts! I'm currently on a fat-burning meal plan (from and your motivational quotes and success stories have helped me reach my fitness goals. Well, I'm not really there as of yet but losing 10 pounds the past year is a great motivator for me. More power!


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