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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


In this world of comparison and getting pissed off at her or him for seeming to accomplish everything, and then spewing “what’s your excuse” in our faces, it’s no wonder women and men alike are throwing up their arms in frustration and happily giving a bird salute attitude at achieving fitness goals.  

Put on the brakes here and look at what has happened.  Letting others control what is best for our health and fitness is out right wrong, and does nothing for us.  That being said, why are we allowing people or media so much control over our decision making to create a healthy, happy life when they have little to no concern or care for us?  Why so pissed about it?  What it comes down to is that no one but you can make health happen.  You know that saying that goes, “whether you do or you do not, you are right.”  Well, that is true and the choice to get healthy lies squarely on your shoulders.  There is no amount of jealousy, blaming others, or putting up defensive posture because others are doing what you are not willing, that will get you closer to your health and fitness goals. 

It does not matter how busy you are, I am, he or she is, because we all can say that we are too busy to carve out that very important exercise hour, and plan and prep healthy food time.  The “what’s your excuse” phrase does hit hard and can ruffle the feathers, especially when it comes from family and friends.  When it comes from the media, it is easier to be judgmental and hide behind our computers commenting on how cushy her or his life is and how they have the time to get it done.  I say bullshit to that and start accepting responsibility for our actions, stop comparing to others, and who gives a crap what anybody’s excuse is.  What is important are the excuses that we are making and why.  It is time to tune into self and let go of insignificant negative drama that weighs down our positive minds.  No one but you can make the choices to move past the excuses and the feelings that keep you from getting healthy. 

Darla Leal, Fit at 50
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  1. Nice post.
    I agree with you, that it's yourself, who is responsible for your happiness. So let's start working and stop complaining!
    I really like your blog it's very inspiring!


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