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Friday, April 24, 2015


I was reading my daily devotion this morning and on the subject of intentions. I was immediately drawn into the meat of the subject and felt it was talking to me personally.  Can you relate?  Isn't it so true how we have all these good intentions, dream about how we are going to carry them out and then some how along the way, they get pushed aside and forgotten some how.  Well, not really forgotten, because they are still there dancing across the pages of our thoughts now and then, at least in my case. I am sure we can all agree to being guilty of not following through on good intentions to make something happen. As I read further, I understood the importance of  writing down the intentions beginning a plan to follow through with action.

Moving from intention to action takes a plan.  This applies to all things in adopting a healthy lifestyle and staying true to taking care of the important things in life.  What has helped me is prayer and setting up challenge systems where I complete three goals of intention for that day.  Today I plan to get in a morning workout, help my ailing father to the doctor, and meet up with family later this evening.  Another goal was writing this blog and I was stumped at what to share with you at first, but enlightened after reading my devotional.  It is amazing how things happen like that.

Having good intentions are well, good, but remain thoughts until living them out takes place.  The goal of weight loss, toning, and improving overall quality of life takes action and intending to create that is wonderful, but the follow-through is what will create the health, the fit body, and overall awesome feeling of accomplishment. Those things that we think about all the time must come to the forefront of our actions.  Has a family member or friend been on your mind to call?  Pick up the phone.  Has that surprise date with your spouse been put off for months? Time to bring on the romance.  Are the intentions to workout four times a week not happening? Get your calendar, schedule your workouts and do not cancel.  Intending to eat at home more to save money and improve the quality of your food intake?  Write a healthy food list and head to the store.

Every step we make is a step closer to fulfilling our goals and taking our intentions further than our minds.  Let's not get stuck in just thinking about it and feeling good about our thoughts only to have them fizzle out and remain stuck as things we just talk about in friendly conversation.  It all sounds good but living it out by example and action will be the proof in the pudding.

Stay Healthy Happenings:  I just created a Stay Healthy Google+ account and excited to share that with you for even more MOTIVATION, support and fitness fun.  Head on over and ADD me today and Stay Healthy!

Darla Leal, Fit at 50
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