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Monday, June 8, 2015


Starting to adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve personal fitness goals can feel exciting and even easy in the beginning.  We plug into our fitness pals, fit bits, get motivated eating healthy foods, excited about the new workouts and with smiles on our faces dive head first into what is absolutely fitness euphoria.   It feels good to eat healthy, exercise and talk about it with our family and friends. Self motivation is at it's peak running on a full tank of gas and determination full throttle.  We are on top of the world and nothing will stop us from reaching our goals, right?

The struggle is usually not in the starting but in the maintaining.  We all need to start the process of getting healthy and we also need to continue creating healthy habits that eventually morph into a lifestyle.  Week three of the start may not feel as good anymore or as exciting but going out with friends downing a few drinks and sopping up some bread sounds more appealing.  Week four seems to be filled with obligations that are somehow more important than the promise we made to ourselves to get healthy.  Week five starts a two week vacation that will not include anything healthy and focused around a food frenzy that will surely expand the waistline.  In a short time, starting to eat right and get healthy has taken a back seat and old patterns have returned.  The struggle is real for many out there.

The processed food items make their way back into the pantry instead of the good carbohydrates that were there just a month ago.  Healthy fats are replaced with saturated fake food products, pizza and burgers are the staple over lean proteins and vegetables, and water intake is at an all time low.  Choices and behaviors like this happen all the time and if you are reading yourself between the lines, you are not alone.  It can cause feelings of failure, frustration and discouragement with the "give up" attitude fighting to take over the mental game. None of us are immune to falling into poor eating habits and reasons to not exercise. It can start as simply as telling yourself "just this once" that develops into a week, month and even a year.

The only choice that can be made is telling ourselves to STOP doing the things that are bringing us back into unhealthy patterns.  Somehow that motivation to START needs to come full circle again, and through whatever methods of accountability it takes.  If you are unable to do it alone, hire a qualified personal trainer or find a workout partner.  If you are sabotaged at home, start creating two separate meals to ensure that you are eating healthy.  If too busy seems to be a problem, it is time to look at your priorities.  The time is now to start achieving your fitness goals, but even more than that, learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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