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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How I Boost My Workouts

Are YOU Shocked?
I use a stimulant to boost my workout!  Are you shocked with that share?  If that was the only thing stated in this post, you may form an ugly opinion of me, and you still might but I will cough up the goods.  This substance is not found in supplement stores, is fairly inexpensive, and provides very effective metabolism boosting results.  Studies have given it rave reviews for not only helping with more efficient fat burning, but also reducing exercise induced muscle pain, improved mental focus, and reduced risk of disease.

Five Reasons to Drink Coffee for a Fit Body
Drum roll ... COFFEE!  I drink one and sometimes two cups of coffee per day prior to my workouts.  Two-cup days typically mean I feel sluggish and will need more of a boost to get me through the physical demands of my workout.  I must admit to enjoying my morning cup of Joe and it has become something that I look forward to mentally as well as physically.  I can feel my body and brain waking up within 30 minutes of drinking it and ready to start my day.  I understand the habit forming properties of caffeine which is why I do not partake in all-day binges of coffee. I will use it to push through a workout however and I do not drink anymore post training.

I am very caffeine sensitive and it does not take much for me to feel the edge which is why I have cut down to a half-calf coffee mix intake.  This seems to work best for me and after a hard workout it seems to eliminate any stimulant feeling that may come from my cup of Java. During my workouts, I do enjoy the caffeine rush that enhances my athletic performance.   I do not have health issues like hypertension or diagnosed heart problems where coffee would be contraindicated so I do partake in moderation.  The other health benefits from antioxidants within coffee are an added bonus.

Drinking coffee, minus all the cream and sugar is one of my secret weapons for maintaining a fit body.  Studies show that the fat burning effects last up to 3 hours after having caffeine so I create that window for my workout.  I would not venture into unsafe stimulant territory and do not support unhealthy ways to maintain my body.  Coffee on the other hand is probably the best natural and effective stimulant making it my pre-workout drink of choice.

Check out my latest article "Five Reasons to Drink Coffee for a Fit Body" on for more great information on the subject.

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  1. Thanks Ms. Darla for the tips! I never drank coffee (long story) but found caffeine pills at an early age. Kinda my 'prescription' for upping metabolism, jumper cables for energy, and fatigue killers. But I always worried about ingesting caffeine as a 'healthy' way to boost energy because, after all, its an artificial way too. Maybe now, that you endorse it, I won't feel so bad! :)

    1. I have never used caffeine pills but do enjoy my one cup of coffee to kickstart my day and workout. Everything in moderation living this healthy lifestyle. Thanks for the comment and Stay Healthy!

  2. Great tips, I use coffee too to get through a sluggish morning when I know I have to workout later. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for enjoying the Blog and Stay Healthy!

  3. I wish I could still enjoy the benefits of coffee but I could never drink it without cream and sugar so I just gave it up. One cup used to be enough to get me going for the whole day but I never thought to use it pre-workout!

    1. Hi Phoebe and thanks for posting. I admit that I still enjoy a splash of cream in my coffee. It does make a great natural pre-workout for me. Glad you stopped by for a read and Stay Healthy ~ Darla


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