Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A Fit Body Takes Discipline

Discipline can feel like a negative word. Remember when we were disciplined as kids? It felt horrible at the time. However, if done out of love, discipline can provide structure and a healthy lifestyle. I would say I live a pretty disciplined life when it comes to health and fitness. Discipline has helped mold me into the woman I am today.

Discipline has made the ranks of being a positive part of success. It provides the drive to pursue fitness goals even on days when motivation is lacking. Without discipline, I think my life would be completely different. Without this structure, I wouldn't have the discipline to exercise, eat healthily, or take care of myself overall. 

Discipline includes keeping workout appointments without excuses. Preparing meals ahead of time to stay accountable for eating right also takes discipline. Remaining true to fitness philosophies also takes a disciplined attitude. It could be easy to get off track, but a disciplined mind provides the strength to stay the course. 

Discipline takes on a whole new meaning and can be defined as a good thing for you and me. Maintaining fitness is an individual responsibility and daily choices determine how that turns out. This means having the discipline to do what needs to be done to become successful with fitness and in life.  

Sometimes there are bumps in the road, but they shouldn't sabotage your goals. It takes discipline to shake it off and get back on track. If you happen to skip your morning workout for example, just push it to the afternoon or evening.  Never throw in the towel and forget it.


Being disciplined is what will help you find a way to be successful.


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