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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I Respect Everyone Trying to Get Fit

We may all differ in our fitness levels but all share the same goals - health improvement.

Getting fit takes changing your life and daily habits to become a healthier person. This choice is inspiring and motivating to me. I respect everyone trying to get fit. 

Forget Negative Stigmas

The decision to get in shape can feel overwhelming for many of us. Not measuring up to body standards according to society and negative stigmas from this diet based culture can cause people to feel bad about themselves.

Body shaming has no place in our fitness journey. Making the choice to become your best healthy self is a great decision regardless of the opinions of others.

We are all adults. You certainly don't need to be told you're too fat, too skinny, too muscular or not muscular enough. You know the condition of your health and body without negative lip service. What we all need is positive support and motivation on our fitness journey. 

Acceptance of Self

Part of achieving fitness goals is accepting where you are right now and taking responsibility for your part in being unhealthy. This has nothing to do with body shaming or judgments and everything to do with self-love. We have to own our actions to change our actions.   

All people deserve to be treated with respect while working to improve their fitness. You shouldn't be throwing stones when most of us live in glass houses. There are many people running around unhealthy not wearing it on the outside of their bodies.

Imagine if everything about everyone was exposed for all to see. There would be a serious decline in judgment and body shaming. 

We all need to feel safe to share reasons why we allow ourselves to be unhealthy. This is critical to successful self-improvement. All of us want to be healthy and supported through the process. 

It will be your responsibility to create that healthy life regardless of size, shape and even the lack of respect from others. The healthy choices you make today will form your healthy tomorrows.

And the most important thing is loving yourself now while working on becoming a better, healthier version of you.

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