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Monday, January 5, 2009

The on.....

Good Evening Readers….

Let’s talk about the BUTT…no, not but…I mean the backside, bootie…yes…BUTT. This is a subject ALL women love to discuss. Hence the famous question “Do these pants make my butt look too big?” Let me start by saying thank goodness all women are built in beautifully unique ways giving character to each of our personal backsides. I will also share that there is no such thing as spot reduction. So when you point to your BUTT and say I want that gone….sorry, you have to look at the whole picture. Fitness is a head to toe achievement. Now, moving on….I will share some exercises that will firm up the bootie in addition to your nutritional and cardio program. Take into consideration the muscles making up the Gluteus (Butt)…Gluteus Maximus, Medius, Minimus, and Piriformis, and the direction they take on the body. The Gluteus Maximus…the large muscle of the butt is a hip extender (takes your leg backward)…any exercise that extends the hip such as running, butt blaster, lunges, etc will benefit the backside. The Glutes Medius, Minimus abduct the femur (leg), so exercises that involve taking the legs out to the side benefit these muscles…the seated abduction machine is great for isolating these muscles. The opposing muscles (adductors – which are worked by taking the leg back to the mid line of the body) are also isolated and benefited by the seated adduction machine. OK ladies you know the machines that everyone tends to avoid because you feel like you have to cover your crotch…or OMG…the whole world is staring at me sitting in this contraption. Throw those ideas out the window and start isolating these muscles correctly. Adjust the machines to a challenging weight, and FOCUS…even place your hands the side of your bootie to help you feel the contraction as you push the weights out…and yes into a split like motion…for crying out loud….no one is looking…work the damn things. Now, move to the adduction machine, place your hands on your inner thighs and repeat the same focused contraction taking your legs back together. Moving on to the lovely Piriformis…an external rotator of the leg. Cable machines are good too work the Piriformis as you can play with the leg angle. Also, this wonderful muscle assists in leg abduction, so guess what….when you are working your Medius and Minimus, the Piriformis is along for the ride. All of us want to achieve the APPLE BUTT, and applying a healthy nutrition and fitness program will get us to the Genetic Apple we are all supposed to have.

Train On and Stay Healthy!!!!


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  1. Awesome post DB. One of my top goals in 09 is to really lift and firm up my bootay. ;-)

    Keep it up girl. You rock.



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