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Friday, January 16, 2009

What You Invest Will Be Your Return

What you invest will be your return. Let’s think about our bodies as we do our financial security. Fitting right now during these economic times. Everyone is doing what they can to invest properly, increase their growth potential, increase in healthy returns, and gain security. Well, security does come from a good investment and I am sure we can all agree here. During this time, our stocks can go up or down, and hopefully that invested in stocks is money not needed for everyday life and financial growth, but a bit of extra that is not lost when it is lost.

How are you investing in your health and overall quality of life? Are you seeing good returns from your efforts, are you increasing your growth potential in a positive way? Security does come from a good investment, and believe me, YOU are a good investment. Have you heard the saying, “without good health, you have nothing”….well there is truth behind that statement.

Consider how strongly we all yearn to feel secure financially and work so hard to be able to LIVE comfortably and to stop struggling. Now, apply that same strength to your physical and mental SELF. Let’s switch up the 401k and IRAs and look at our bodies as the growth bank for a moment, because truly without our healthy bodies, what will those financial investments mean to you?

Investments to positive fitness growth potential are being active, eating healthy, balanced food, drinking water, and quality ME time. I realize that the stocks may be a little high right now, and I am referring to the little extra investment that may be carried on our bodies right now, but with a little investment and time for positive growth potential, you will see a reduction and improvement in your physical health. In the long run, this is what is going to bring you the security to enjoy your future. Also, just like the stock market, do not get frustrated with the ups and downs, simply continue the pursuit of good investing, and you will reap the eventual returns.

Let’s look at how much you are working, and this would refer to your physically active investment. Are you working less right now during these economic times? If the answer is yes, your nutritional investments should reflect a decrease as well. If you are working less, and increasing the amount of nutrition you invest, a negative gain will occur, and the extra stock being carried around will continue to be a burden. If you are working more, and investing less in the nutritional area, a positive gain will occur in loss of the additional stock and increase in positive growth potential (muscle). All this depends too where you are in your stocks. If you are maintaining steady in the market, then simply matching your physical and nutritional investments is probably all that is needed to secure your future.

Security truly comes from a good investment, and although it takes time to build your accounts, do not get frustrated with the ups and downs of the market. Continue to increase your health growth potential through the investments and in time, you will adapt the health returns that will carry you through the rest of your life.

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