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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Mental Side of Going Fitness Alone Married or Not......Part 2

The Mental Side of Going Fitness Alone Married or Not......Part 2

Hi Readers!!!!

Part 2 has finally arrived!!! Lots more to come. This article is done in a mental blast format. I hope to give you food for thought, to stimulate and motivate you on your journey to good health......

Grocery store at the house….Yikes…beware the cupboard
Getting healthy for life involves looking at your whole being……so have you opened your kitchen cabinets lately? Are they laden with processed food items, chips, crackers, cookies, white pastas, even the low cal, low fat, low carb, and those processed 100 cal snack foods they put in the little bags to make you think you are doing a body good….NOT. Do you see lots of pretty packaging with enormous food labels with words so long you can not pronounce? If so….time to get that grocery store out of your house. The best foods are those WITHOUT food labels…..fresh produce (fruits/veggies), whole grains, lean meats, fresh spices, etc. What does that mean….COOKING AND PREPARING your foods.

Family eating what you do not want to......
This can be a struggle but YOU can do it. Stick to your guns on this one, even if your honey is bringing in the saturated, fat laden, sugar filled products because you no longer choose to eat them….DON’T. You have made a decision to get healthy with food and can be a wonderful example to your family now. As they see the positive changes in you and watching you eat the wonderful foods you have prepared for yourself, a little time will get the others curious. At first, you may be the only participant, but that is really OK….because this is about YOUR decision….right? Are you doing this for YOU or the person you are with? Do not make the mistake of forcing what you want for yourself down the throat of your significant…..remember how long it took for you to come to this decision and the feelings you went through. You may even find yourself with a little rebel on your hands and see even MORE junk food brought into the house during your time of getting healthy, but it is YOUR choice to smile and not partake. One better, enjoy fabulous conversation and relationship as you happily eat your chicken salad. Change is huge for a family/relationship especially if one-sided. So, remember to take that deep breath, and never make your change for the positive a negative change for the relationship because they are not following in your footsteps……YET…..remember it is just YET for now.

Struggle at the grocery store
This is HUGE… need to be your own health food advocate. Grab some books on healthy eating, and KNOW HOW TO READ A FOOD LABEL. The grocery store loves you and ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN. Imagine all the colors and pictures all saying “PICK ME” to a child. Love your children, but when it comes to food shopping, it is best to leave them at home with your partner, babysitter, etc. The way to “Work the Grocery Store” is sticking to the perimeter. Think about it….produce first, usually followed up by dairy, and ending with the meat department. A few good choices would be some nice colorful fruits and veggies in season, good quality yogurts and reduced fat cottage cheese, and lean boneless/skinless chicken breast. BEWARE the center aisles that contain the pretty packaging sucking you in as a consumer with all the guaranteed low fat/low sugar/low carb/high protein, along with the extra special packaging of fat laden sugar filled delights that give ZERO healthy calories to you. If you have to enter the center aisles, KNOW what is on your list and stick to it. The center aisles do contain spices, canned items, and specialty “good quality health” foods…..but know before you go….and enjoy that tunnel vision on the way out.

Want your partner to share in getting healthy but they are resistant….do your thing.....
I touched on this earlier so obviously a biggie….this is just a reminder….I know YOU feel good about your choice and I applaud YOU, but be an EXAMPLE only. The worst thing YOU can do is try to change a person not ready to change. This will really cause a lot of resentment. You loved your partner before making YOUR decision, and it is important to realize that this is the SAME person. They will see the changes in you, and how exciting to allow them to approach you with asking questions about it. I see this as a spark to liven up a stale relationship….new conversations, new activities, healthy changes…..

Scared to make friends to work out with.....
Are you a loner, feeling insecure, and overwhelmed with the thought of making the first approach to finding a workout partner friend? Believe me….YOU ARE NOT ALONE….so many others feel the same way….and it is important that you know this. If you see someone at the gym, during your park power walk, or even at a family friend gathering, the first step is “hello”. Once a conversation starts up, talking about workouts, what you do for fun on your free time are always good topics to see if you would click with the person, and follow up with “do you want to meet up for a workout?” or “ your workout sounds great, could you put me through it sometime?” The later usually works well since it will also be a compliment to them….BINGO….an opportunity for a workout partner is now possible.

Stay healthy!!!!


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