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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Mental Side Of Fitness Continued

Think your only support is in the house or only with your friends…WRONG…It is healthy to have your own interests……
Are you waiting around for your family to be active with you….waiting for spouse, teen, etc….guess what…YOU are in charge of YOU. I realize that being by yourself can be a bummer, feel lonely, and even scary…hell…I have more fun working out with a friend, but it is absolutely up to you to love yourself enough to make “ME” time for you regardless of your couch potatoes. Check out the classes at your local gym or recreational facility….You have nothing but good health to gain from the experience. Are you single and using the EXCUSE of… I have no one that will go with me to work out at the gym, or walk. This kind of thinking will never get YOU going. It is important to LOVE yourself enough to do it for YOU….eat healthy, enjoy exercise for the sake of moving your body…forget about waiting for someone else…think about it….that other someone may never come through for you…then what…give up…continue to make that your EXCUSE (yes, I am a hard ass here)….I say STOP today, put on your walking shoes and get out and absorb some vitamin D, breathe some fresh air, and MOVE!!! Love yourself THAT MUCH!!!

Reach out to others if your partner is not motivating you…..
OK…as much as you may want that perfect workout partnership….guess what…it may take time to happen. It is really OK and a fabulous idea to reach out to friends that share your interest in getting healthy, and getting in some great “ME” time with someone other than whom you live. You will probably be pleasantly surprised on how this will actually spice up your relationship because you will have new fun experiences to share. Do you feel guilty leaving your loved one behind or like you need permission to do something without them? Why? How healthy is this type of thinking…..not very….if it is keeping you from getting healthy. You will have to be your own motivation here, face any insecurity or fear, put the excuses in the trash, and call a friend today. If you do not have a friend that will help you be accountable and visa versa, try checking out your local gym for classes, or recreational facilities. I say start today by putting on your walking shoes, and MOVE…..enjoy the moment, take some deep breathes, appreciate your surroundings, and SMILE!!!!

Be strong in light of the pizza being offered….
You want chicken salad and he or she wants pizza….do not succumb to the temptations of your non supportive partner. This will be hands down the HARDEST part of getting healthy especially if you are accustomed to eating the same unhealthy foods together to begin with. Most pizza places also have salad bars and even deliver….imagine that. Stick to your guns, and set the example of good health with your nutrition. I realize it will not seem fair to have two different ways of eating going on at the same time…but think about it…YOU are the one who wanted the change, right? OK…so your eventual benefit will include an overall health improvement inside and out, and there is no greater reward than that:)

Unable to feel good about self….
This can be a difficult one. You may be in a very down place mentally, unable to get self motivated, and may not even want to see anyone. In this situation, start by letting some nice sunshine in your home, and take the first step to call a friend. There is nothing like the wisdom and support of a good friend to get you on the road to feeling better. You may also want to get in touch with your doctor for a few counseling sessions. It may take a while, but YOU are worth it. You are worth being happy and healthy….ask your friend for help in keeping you accountable. Take your chats outside for a power walk/talk…..a few sessions like this should boost your motivation and hopefully help get you on the path to feeling the best you have ever been!!!!

Talk yourself out of going to the gym…
Why Why Why!!!! This is what I call a big EXCUSE, and not acceptable…I am being the accountability police here. I can’t go because my work, my husband, my wife, my child, my chores, my school, blah blah blahhhh already. These are usually the same people that are getting in the TV programs, not missing social events, and simply wasting time doing other things while life is passing them by. I say if you have an extra hour watching TV….and usually it is hoursssssssssssssss, if honestly added up over the course of the week, you HAVE the time to exercise. Time to get honest, stop the EXCUSES, and get healthy!!!

TV over fitness…
I can’t emphasis this one enough….this society is technology driven, and media based. The television offers so much at the touch of the fingertips….let me ask you are you visiting the FIT TV channel and joining in on a fun workout? The answer to that question is usually NO. I challenge each and everyone of you to limit your TV watching to one hour per day for just ONE WEEK, and get to know yourself, be active, talk with your family, husband, wife, your girlfriend/boyfriend, meet with friends, take walks, play with your pets, and enjoy being active and real quality time that very often gets pushed to the side. After that fabulous walk and conversation, pull out a fun board game and laugh laugh laugh. Life is too short not to. I would love to hear how this experiment goes....

Stay Healthy!!!!!


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