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Monday, March 28, 2011

Personal Share, My Workout & Fabulous New Healthy Treat

AGE 46 & LOVING IT!!!!
Hi Readers!!!

As I start this journey with you many things come to mind....getting to know you, sharing all about me, and motivating YOU to be the BEST you can be right here right now.  The first share about me is that I am very young at heart...I love to laugh, dance, sing, be a bit goofy, and really enjoy life.  I am sure many of you can relate to being in your mid 40s and feeling like your 20 something...what and where did the time go.  I can tell you this...time is too precious to me to waste a single minute on anything but positive & taking care of myself.  I am also very passionate about living a healthy life and enjoy being creative with my workouts and cooking.  In fact, an absolute passion and therapy for me is spending time in the kitchen using this and that and creating something absolutely fabulous tasting and healthy for my body. I am also a woman of faith, am married to the most fabulous husband who makes me laugh ALOT, and enjoy my family & friends.  Each day, I will bring a piece of my life to you through a workout, a recipe, image, video or personal share.  This is going to be a fun time and I look forward to living by example for you....This Is Me...46 years young maintaining a Stay Healthy Life!!!


30 minutes of cardio on my ARC trainer (I LOVE THIS MACHINE)

4 Sets of Each Exercise Below for Body Workout
Negative pull ups 5 reps (very slow & controlled, protecting my neck, breathing...NO DROPPING LIKE A ROCK)
Low Cable Rows 30lbs @ 25 reps (I think contract the muscle to move the weight...navel to spine, always good form)
Biceps Curls 12lbs @ 10-15 reps (I think relax my shoulders/neck, navel to spine, always good form)
Triceps Kickbacks 12lbs @ 10-15 reps (I think relax my neck, navel to spine, push to the floor)
Modified Smith French Press 10lbs on the bar 10-15 reps (I push weight from navel & never over my head, feel the muscle work)


Vanilla Oatmeal Raisin Whey Protein Balls...Taste like Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough...YUM!!!

2 tbsp natural almond butter
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 tbsp flax meal
1 tbsp ground oats (Scottish oatmeal is the same thing)
Handful of raisins
1 tsp Cinnamon
Water - just enough to form balls (be careful, add a little at a time or it will be gooey)
Cinnamon to roll the balls in sprinkled on a small plate

In a mixing bowl, place all the ingredients and stir until well combined and can be divided into 3 protein balls.  It is messy fun. Once the balls are formed, roll in cinnamon and ENJOY!!!

Oatmeal Raisin Vanilla Whey Protein Balls....YUM!!!!
Stay Healthy!


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