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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plan Your Meals Ahead for Stay Healthy Success

Hi Everyone!

Planning your meals ahead is a big part of success in your Stay Healthy nutrition program. The weekends are BIG COOK days for me and my hubby. We get out the crock pots, fill them full of 8-12 servings of steel cut oats, brown rice, and boneless skinless chicken breasts. Then we separate the meals out into individual containers to grab & go throughout the week. This process has become a part of our FUN together time as well. Creating in the kitchen is a passion and I will be sharing all my ideas, recipes and MORE with you. Let's start with a few plan ahead meal ideas though, reduce our stress, keep us out of snacks that are NO NOs when it comes to health....toss the chips, crackers, cookies, & anything that is processed and sits waiting for you in your kitchen cabinets...TOSS TOSS TOSS!!! Replace with foods that you will need to cook, but if you start planning will become a Stay Healthy Habit! Check out our steel cut Crock Pot oats, brown rice, and boneless/skinless chicken breasts.....fabulous complex carbohydrates/fiber and lean proteins.




Me after my modified workout, No Fluff, No Makeup, 46 years young, & maintained through Stay Healthy Nutrition & Exercise!!!!

Stay Healthy!!!

Darla Leal, LCPT

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    We must protect our health anyway, it is always safty to take precautions for it. Thanks a lot.

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