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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crock Pot Saturday…Brown Rice & Steel Cut Oats are ON

Motivation of The Day: Stop putting off what you should start TODAY

Ready to Crock Saturday Morning!
My mind is going 100 miles an hour on this Saturday morning….the coffee probably has something to do with it…lol. It is my recovery day and I am utilizing this bouncy energy multi-tasking around the house already. I used up all the bulk prepared oats and chicken….in fact…scraped the last bit of chicken for hubby to take to work this morning….so first item on my agenda…CROCK POT cooking…OH YEAH! In fact, my multi-tasking included grabbing the camera and filming the prep for brown rice and steel cut oats for you. My camera was blinking on the red but I went for it anyway….and SUCCEEDED…so enjoy the video. I am a simple girl and making my life even more so is a wonderful thing…and cooking with the Crock Pot saves so much time during the week and as I shared….saves $$$$. Think about how much money it takes to go out all the time…and who knows what is being consumed in salt and fat…BIG NO WAY FOR ME. In fact, my hubby and I went to a happy hour last night and shared a small appetizer plate with 3 tiny shredded pork tacos…OH MY HOLY SALT SHIT…can I say that….OH WELL…I did. I am not kidding, living a sodium free cooking life and then taking a bite of something like that…needless to say…I may have a glass of red wine out…but the meals I would rather eat at home. Crock pot cooking is so easy, stress-free and I can go about my business of the day while my HEALTHY food is slow cooking. What a treat to reach into the freshly made oats with the cinnamon and vanilla, add a scoop of whey and a few walnuts…OH MY…now we are talking a FABULOUS meal. The best part is being able to cook lots of food at once and simply divide it out for the week…but what I do is put it in large containers and scoop out as we need into smaller containers…having so many small containers in the refrigerator at once is quite frankly…a PAIN IN THE BOOTIE. I do not care to constantly be moving containers all over the place to reach my mustard for crying out loud. So…a simple girl I am…and I prefer that….I also love to save $$$ and preparing my own foods this way does just that. Talk about getting excited when the food circulars come in the paper or the mail….it is so fun to find the best deals on chicken and nuts especially….and fruits…I WILL FIND THE BEST PER POUND PRICE. YES…I am also goofy like that…but who cares…life is too short not to have fun and make a fun time out of even the grocery shopping….My hubby and I actually make a date out of it, take our time, talk, laugh, and bring home healthy foods while saving money…Now that is QUALITY. So…let me break my life with food down in a way that makes sense and hopefully motivates you….I eat healthy all the time by having my foods prepared ahead of time using my Crock pots…the foods I ALWAYS Crock are B/S chicken breasts, brown rice, and oats. Then I boil at least 2 dozen eggs to have ready for fabulous anything I want. I have on hand bulk whey protein, fresh fruits, raw walnuts and almonds, organic peanut butter, almond butter, flax meal, brown rice, steel cut oats, sweet potatoes, 100% bran cereal for my shakes, Scottish oats, fresh spinach leaves, salsa, and yogurt. I also make sure that I am stocked with herbs and spices, mustard, and sprouted organic bread (NOT CRAP STUFF). I also love to have lean ground turkey handy for when the kids come over for our family dinner night. I will also throw in a few thin buns, and high fiber low carb wraps for a quick wrap my chicken or eggs in. OH….albacore tuna in water…a must have in the pantry. I think that pretty much covers most of my fuel that maintains me…but the way I eat this food is important…every 2 ½ hours in proper portion…because eating too much of a good thing is also NOT GOOD….It is all about energy in and energy out. So, I love the oats…but do I sit and eat 2 cups for a meal…a BIG NO. I know my portions, stick to them and keep this body satisfied all day long with small meals throughout the day…BOY…did I go off on a soap box. I intended to just bring to you my Saturday Crock Pot adventure…but you can see how I am…passionate about the foods and how to eat them…so a little extra chatter from me on the subject;) Lots of personal shares today….tune in for lots more and I am off…Whoop Whoop!

My Workout of the Day:

Time with Hubby...Date Food Shopping!
Recovery day off

My Nutrition of the Day: (Watch the Crock Pot Video)

Coffee, one cup please

1-Protein Shake (yogurt,whey,fruit,prune juice,almonds, bran cereal)
2-6 Boiled Egg Whites on Sprouted Bread
3-B/S chicken breast in High Fiber Wrap
4-2 Protein Balls
5-Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad
6-Protein Pudding (HOOKED)

Post Shake Please;)


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