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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friends around the World…Skype FUN!!!

Motivation of the Day: A Positive Healthy Life is Contagious

Maintenance Modified ME!!!!
I can remember being in junior high & high school sitting in my parent’s kitchen talking on the phone plugged into the wall with that coil like cord being my talking friend lifeline. WOW….has time changed…and in my lifetime…so amazing. Today…everything cordless and the ability to receive messages via a phone in my purse anywhere I go. What really blows my mind is being able to talk to people around the world through the internet…specifically Skype. I am honored everyday with emails from fans asking advice, leaving comments, and the BEST of the BEST, requesting to be a client. This is fabulous fitness fun for me as I consult with clients via Skype from all over the world. It is a learning adventure for me as I get to experience different cultures, foods, and ways of life right here on my computer. I get to see the people I am consulting, their smiling faces, enjoy laughs, and really get to know my clients from around the world in a personal way… is like traveling without getting on a plane. Imagine I am here….and thousands of miles away I am helping someone get healthy…having a great conversation on how to adapt a Stay Healthy life. I can go to Europe, Japan, and Australia….the world at my fingertips… this is a Stay Healthy Global Experience of YAHOOOOO proportion! YES…I get excited over things like this….YES…I am passionate about health and fitness and overall quality of life…So to be able to help someone across the ocean from right where I am sitting is completely FABULOUS!!!!! Today has been a very accomplished one for me as a trainer as I am continually blessed with wonderful clients from here and everywhere. Speaking of fabulous clients…time to train;)

My Workout of the Day:

ARC Trainer: 45 minutes

Bodywork ~ I completed the circuit 4x (Watch the Video)

Modified French Press 10lbs on bar 25 reps
Biceps Curls 15lbs @ 25 reps
Body Ball Abs 25 reps

Rope Stretching

My Nutrition of the Day: (Meal 2 on the Video)

Coffee , one cup please
Powered Up Oats are BOMB!
1-Post-Workout Shake
2-Powered Up Oats
3-B/S chicken breast & avocado on sprouted bread
4-2 Vanilla Whey Raisin Protein Balls & 1 Orange
5- Lean Turkey Meat Taco Salad
6- Protein Pudding

Post Workout Shake Coming Up!


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