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Friday, April 29, 2011

I am a Form and Function Girl ~

Motivation of the Day: Giving up IS NOT an option

I DID IT!!!!
This was a struggle morning for me….not enough sleep to motivate this body to get going….MY BAD. It is so important to get my rest and sleep and I do know better. I had an early “My Appointment” call this morning at 6am and the coffee pot was already self-timed to go off at 5:30am. Literally a stumble to the kitchen for my one cup and pre-workout shake. The ARC trainer was not my 20 minute friend this morning, but I did what my body allowed for today and I was definitely happy to get my bootie off that thing….isn’t that terrible…but like many of you…days like this just happen. Do I like it…NO…but I am determined to not give up…that is just not an option for me. Could I have just stayed in bed for another hour….YES…but I would not have honored my take care of me time. Anyway, once my one cup pick up was down, shake in, and up and about checking my emails and allowing the magic of my fuel to prep my body….I WAS READY. Off to the studio I went….was it my best workout…NO…was that OK….YES. What is and was important…MY FORM AND FUNCTION. In everything I perform, whether on the ARC or weight resistance training….I make sure my body posture, joints, and position are SPOT ON…in my journey in life, I have definitely learned to take good care of this body. This is also something that I pass on to my clients…proper form and function and improving the quality of their bodies through proper body mechanics during every movement. Even exercise can be detrimental and injury causing if attention is not paid to the details of the body during the movement. I cringe when I see exercise being executed in ways that will injure and not build the body….OMG…tunnel vision…don’t look. There are plenty of videos out there showing beautiful people setting themselves up for chronic issues later in life due to the poor body mechanics they are using….off that soap box. Anyway, my point….THIS IS A MUST FOR ME AND VERY IMPORTANT in my daily exercise routine. I like to perform exercise slow and controlled and also ensure that my posture is correct on the cardio equipment. Maintaining good posture on my ARC trainer elongates my spine and allows lots of oxygen through my lungs….I definitely will not feel my back aching later because I was hunching over with my bootie out and lying over the machine while pumping through the workout….this is a BIG YUCK. What does proper form and function do for me….maintains a strong body, creates beautiful muscle and curves, and makes me one strong girl! I would have to say that this feels pretty FABULOUS!!!! Today is Frisky Friday….I love that and gearing up for a great day with my clients….lots of energy…proper form and function….NOW THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT….Stay Healthy!

My Workout of the Day: (Enjoy the Core Video)

20 Minute ARC trainer (struggle :( …but DID IT)

Bodywork - I repeated this cycle 4x

Negative pull ups: 10 reps
Biceps Curls 15lbs @ 15 reps
Modified Triceps Press 15lbs on smith bar @ 15-20 reps
BOSU abs 25 reps (slow & controlled)


My Nutrition of the Day: (Watch the Video)

Coffee….one cup much needed please
Egg Whites & Sweet Potatoes...OH YEAH!
1-Pre-workout shake
2-Post-workout shake
3-Powered up oats
4-Egg Whites and 1 orange
5-Sweet Potato & 1 protein ball
6-B/S chicken breast & steamed veggies
7-Protein pudding




  1. hi darla, what do you put in your pre workout shake?? thanks

  2. check out my post today...I break it down! Stay Healthy and thanks for the kudos on my Blog. ;)


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