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Friday, November 30, 2018

Form, Function, and Exercise - Why It's Important

Have you injured yourself during a workout? It can happen sometimes, especially if you're tired and not paying attention to proper body mechanics.  

A big offender is picking up the weights wrong, using the low back and not squatting to use your legs. Back pulls suck and can take a while to heal. As with any injury, they are uncomfortable and can cause setbacks.

Getting in that workout is great but what's most important during your exercise session is form and function. Proper form executes effective movement and creates the results your looking for.

Form and Function are Important

Form and function use proper body movements to perform an exercise. This includes the initial pick up of the weights and how you set them down when you're finished.

Using good form keeps you safe and your exercise effective. There is nothing fun about getting sloppy in the gym and hurting yourself. Especially when it can be prevented.

Pay Attention

The best way to make sure you are using proper form is paying attention to your body mechanics. Check the following before lifting weights:

  • Body position
  • Proper posture
  • Tight core muscles
  • Appropriate resistance 

Good form depends on you. This can also be applied to functional fitness which means movement in everyday life. How are you picking up the laundry basket or filling the dishwasher?

It's important to use proper body mechanics in and out of the gym. Sucking the navel to the spine and checking your posture at all times really helps with body awareness. How are you doing with sitting, standing, and driving?

If you make it a habit to pay attention to your body mechanics all of the time, you will find it easy to implement during a workout. It becomes a natural part of who you are.

Proper Form Promotes Effective Workouts

Using good form during your workout promotes an effective training session. You see results and better than that - your body feels good.

Proper execution of exercise moves improves the quality of your body and life. You gain muscle strength and flexibility without pain limitations that often accompany poor form and function.

Have you witnessed poor form in the gym? Those heavy bicep curls where the low back is being flexed to lift the weight. It's a cringe moment. This is just one example of poor body mechanics during exercise.

Other Important Tips 

Exercise is supposed to make you feel better and stronger. If you are getting injured and taking several days to recover, something is not right.

The following additional tips are important to promote good form and function during exercise:

  • Work at your fitness level
  • Don't lift weights to impress
  • Lift weight that allows good form
  • Stop if the exercise doesn't feel right
  • Perform slow and controlled movement
  • Don't compromise your body to lift heavy
  • Watch your form in a mirror

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