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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Motivation of The Day: Let Go of Those Things You Can’t Control & Work On Those Things You Can!

Early rise this morning… enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee and pre-workout shake. A large part of my being healthy is NOT SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF. In everything that I have experienced in my journey of life, good and not so good, I have taken the philosophy to learn and grow stronger, wiser & better. That has not always been easy to be honest. But life is too short not to appreciate each moment as a gift, a day to be MY BEST ME in that moment. When I wake each day, I have a choice of how I will respond in all circumstances….”life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it”….this is a WOW quote in my book. I live my life according to Darla reaching for my own goals and dreams and NOT according to what I may think others expect of me. So many times I see people get caught up in that….and in the distant past…I also have been guilty of trying to please others in an unhealthy way. Today is brand new….shiny, bright and ready for all things possible….I AM IN AWE OF THAT! I celebrate who I am today as a woman, mother, wife, and trainer. I live my passion to help people be the best they can be with the genetics and possible limitations they have. This feels pretty fabulous every day and this motivates me BIG TIME. I make the choice to take care of myself because my body and life is a GIFT….do I trample a gift or toss it in the trash…HELL NO…I carefully unwrap it, adore it, dust and polish it to imperfect perfection. Did I tell you that I do not believe in perfection….I am always a work in progress. Can you see the word picture I am painting with this? It is not about having an obsessive workout program and nutrition program that is crazy ridiculous in the eyes of society. This is about how important and passionate I feel about health, feeling my best, looking my best, and having a quality of life that defines that I am taking care of my body….The BEST gift. This is what I share with YOU through my BLOG and if I can MOTIVATE you through my life’s journey, then this is also a celebration to me. Have a fantastic Thursday;)
My Life to Motivate YOU! Stay Healthy

My Workout of the Day:
Long Cardio 45-50 min on my ARC and Core Work

My Nutrition of the Day
Coffee, 2 cups this morning….YIKES

1-Pre-workout shake (1 piece of fruit, ½ scoop of whey, splash of juice)
2-Post-workout shake (fruit/nuts/fiber/yogurt/whey)
3-Powered Oats (Scoop of whey/nuts/raisins)
4-Sweet potato & shredded grilled chicken breast
5-Egg white scramble with spinach/onion/avocado
6-Protein Pudding

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