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Monday, April 11, 2011

I LOVE My ARC Trainer…Cardio….Bring It!!!

Motivation of The Day: Do You Want IT…Go Get IT!

Cardio Leans My Body Good
This morning I had plenty of energy from my carrot cake splurge last night….carbo-loaded and ready for some serious cardio. My favorite equipment to use…my CYBEX ARC Trainer….talk about kicking my own backside….YAHOO…BRING IT! My personal challenge was on and I enjoyed the thrill of keeping the cal/hr burn at 800+. I absolutely love the non impact features and utilizing my own power to push this thing. Did I tell you I sweat like no other….I LOVE IT…the more the better. I come from a track background so love the long distance rides on my ARC…with intervals of course. Interval training is the BOMB for aerobic/anaerobic workouts, and I get the most burn for my minutes….hundreds of calories…Now that is FABULOUS. This morning I went for a 50 minute ride and enjoyed every huffing and puffing moment of it. My cardio contributes to my lean physique….I get in cardio almost every day for different time intervals….one workout could be for 20 or 30 minutes & finishing with other bodywork within my 60 minutes to complete my routine, to an all cardio long distance and core day. I really miss out if I do not complete some sort of cardio training….it is my thrill ride…but also my meditation time. It is amazing how much clearing of mind clutter happens especially during my long distance ARC ride. When I am done, I feel absolutely like a positive bouncy ball…full of energy, and overall ready to go for the day. Speaking of...gotta run...Mighty Monday Clients;)

Workout of the Day:

I LOVE MY ARC...Bring It Cardio...I DID!!!
 50 minute ARC trainer & Core…My Sweat was ON! 

The Quickie 2 Body Part Blast ~ Butt & Biceps;)

Repeated at least 5x…I lost count…just went until I was DONE!

Squat with 15lb @ 20 reps
Biceps Curls 10-15lbs @ 8 reps

Biceps Baby!

Squat Girl Squat;)

Nutrition of the Day:

Coffee - 1 cup please & not my real food;)

1-Post Cardio Shake
2-Post Body Work Shake
3-Left Over Blackened Chicken Salad


4-Tuna mixed with spicy mustard Sprouted Bread
5-Fresh Green Beans with Grilled White Fish
6-Protein Pudding

My Leftovers from the restaurant….Blackened Chicken Salad with Avocado & Veggies…No dressing…it was so good I did not need any!!!! The BEST part, 2 for 1 meal….so the pocketbook feels OK with that;) 


Happy B'Day Dad!!!!


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