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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It’s all about Maintenance

Motivation of the Day: 

All it takes is Daily Maintenance to Keep Your Body in Excellent Running Condition

Strictly Maintenance!
I am a MAINTENANCE GIRL!!! What does that word mean to me…AWWW…Not talking about the negative term that refers to …Oh That Girl is High Maintenance…YUCK. What I am referring to is how I maintain my body every day. I am at a happy place with my body and self, and really for me, it is all about maintaining the muscle I have developed, and continuing a healthy quality life. I want to feel good and be the BEST me every day. I am at a place of acceptance of loving who I am and feeling pretty darn good about it. For me it is not about…I want MORE MORE MORE…where is the satisfaction in that…if I thought like that, I would never be happy or healthy for that matter. I have been in the fitness field along time and have seen so many people go overboard with not being happy with themselves after achieving the ultimate and have the most beautiful bodies…and still not happy…that makes no sense. I celebrate the accomplishment of creating the body that I wear today and am truly satisfied with that. It is important for me to maintain the structure that I have gained…I did work hard for it, and I enjoy the look of it, and deeper than that…I celebrate the overall good health to every part of my body inside and out that my daily maintenance plan gives me. Just as a car & home NEEDS to be maintained…I better feel stronger about that attention being given to my body and health. For crying out loud…things can come and go…but my body…JUST ONE PER LIFE. That is why I INVEST in a good maintenance plan daily….through my fitness and the premium foods that I eat every 2 ½ hours. Maintenance is a fabulous place to be and I enjoy the upkeep;)

My Workout of The Day:

ARC Trainer Interval 35 minutes
Bodywork: I completed this series 6x

Low Rows 30lbs @ 25 reps
Triceps Kickbacks – Medium Tube Resistance 20 reps
BOSU Back Extensions – 15 reps
Stretching…Watch the Video!

My Nutrition of The Day:

Coffee, one cup please

1-Pre-workout shake (the light one)   
2-Post – workout shake (make it a meal)
3-Brown rice & shredded b/s chicken breast
4-B/S chicken on sprouted bread with avocado & mustard
5-Spinach Salad & Egg white Scramble
6-Protein Pudding….Watch the Video!

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