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Friday, April 8, 2011

Modeling and Why

Motivation for The Day: Goals are reached by taking Action

Why do I choose this picture….I feel it is classic, provides enough coverage to be athletic but at the same time, it represents a sexy confidence. I really never intended to model, and when I was approached in my 40s to do a photo shoot, I thought it would be lots of fun….and it WAS! It also gave me the opportunity to show what over 40 can look like…..I want women to know that being healthy, feeling great, and maintaining a fit physique IS POSSIBLE after having 2 children, and with all of life’s responsibilities. I hate to see women throw in the towel and give up on being the BEST they can be after giving birth, facing adversity, or any other trial in life that has zapped their confidence. I wanted to be not only a voice but a physical image of motivation for ALL women. Also, modeling to me is like playing pretend & dress up…a fun escape into being whoever I want. I never take life too serious and when I do shoot for the camera…it is PLAY time…lots of smiles, laughing, and doing crazy stuff with athletics, poses, and facial expressions. I can be goofy, cheesy, sexy, serious, athletic and anything that comes to mind as I am in front of the camera….and man oh man….are those lights bright. Everything I do is impromptu so all my photos really generate different facets of my personality….and I am blown away by the captures of the photographers. I have worked with fabulous photographers and I am thankful for their time with me and what we have been able to do together. My favorite photo shoots are outdoors….I love natural backdrops and can have so much fun with grass, trees, rocks, water and DIRT….lol. So this is another personal Darla share into the WHY of my modeling and do I intend to still inspire….YES!!!! I have included a few shots and a video of some fun times with this part of my fitness career;)

Thanks Mike...I LOVE this Artistic Capture!

Thomas Oed...Fun in Las Vegas!!!

Orange 4 Orange Photography... xoxo Gene

Gene X Fun Artistic...Love This....45 yrs YOUNG
My Workout of The Day:

35 min Strength Interval Training of the ARC /Core & Stretch

My Nutrition of the Day:

Coffee (Yes…I have one cup daily)

1- Pre-workout shake (on the lighter side…one piece of fruit blended with 1 scoop of whey)
Sweet Potato with Nonfat Plain Yogurt
2- Post –workout shake (the heavier meal…everything but the kitchen sink)
3- Sweet potato (still a KICK right now…lol ) & 2 Stay Healthy Protein Balls
4- 6 Egg whites mixed with mustard on one Slice Sprouted Bread
5- Fabulous Spinach Salad & Grilled Salmon
6- Protein Pudding before bed

Stay healthy!

Darla ;)


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