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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Never Too Busy…

Motivation of the Day: Take Time to Smell the Coffee

Off Work & Ready to BLOG :)
What a day…and what seems to be never enough time to do everything that I may think I can accomplish. Is there ever enough time? The answer to that is…a BIG NO. A huge wake-up call for me in my journey of life….I wish more people would catch on. Sometimes I can be an over achiever….another personal share. This can back fire however when I am not able to do everything that I set out to do for the day. I would have to say that this used to bother me….somehow I failed myself or something silly like that. Looking at the glass as always half full is so important to me now. I try not to dwell on those things I did not do and FOCUS on the accomplishments of the day and even in my life. I can think of this and that to do, letters to right, filing, programs, accounting, domestic engineering, etc…the list is endless…don’t you think. I love that phrase….”Life is what is happening while you are busy doing other things”…What are those other things…do they matter in the BIG scheme? REALLY? I think about this and have come full circle to taking time to smell the coffee. Life is such a treasure, a gift, and an honor to live and what is important to me….is living each moment to the fullest. I appreciate the interruptions in life that feed my day in a positive way….an unexpected call from family or friends, visit from my children, or just the beauty of the day. These are all things that provide balance to my healthy life. I could never imagine having as a regret….I wish I would have worked more, done more dishes, laundry, paperwork….OH MY…and hell to the NO. Meaningful regrets like I wish I would have had more quality conversation and time with my husband, children, parents, siblings, and friends…NOW this makes more sense to me. I am working on NOT having any meaningful regrets by living NOW what has meaning in life to me….what is important…My time with my family & friends. Quality of life includes taking care of me, spending time with my family & friends, and taking time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee…and taking in the aroma. My plan is to take care of my health and not miss out on the living….because this is what Staying Healthy is all about;)

Sweat ON!
My Workout of the Day:

45 minutes cardio on my Stair Stepper

My Nutrition of the Day: (WATCH THE VIDEO)

Coffee, one and ½ cup…YIKES

1-Post-workout shake
My Protein Balls....YUM!!!
2-Powered Up Steel Cut Oats
3-B/S chicken breast & avocado on sprouted bread
4-2 Protein Balls
5-Grilled Salmon & Spinach Salad
6-Protein Pudding

Stay Healthy ME!


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  1. Amazing photo!!! Wow, you look so good! I'm motivated beyond words!

    Just found your blog and am now your newest follower!!! Yay me!



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