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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Recovery and Oatmeal Adventures

Motivation of The Day:  Get Plenty of Rest, Exercise Regularly & Eat Nutritiously

Today is definitely a recovery day....feeling tired, some fatigue, and honestly in need of a NAP.  I listen to my body when it speaks loudly to take a break GIRL.  Today I live through my clients workouts and enjoy the thrill of their exercise accomplishments during the session and when it is done.  Sleep is just as important to maintain my physique and overall health.  I love the feeling of being well rested, re-charged and ready to tackle my next exercise day full of spunk;)  I have to admit that part of me tries to fight the feeling and run out and do something....but I know I will pay the price with negative results.  So, listen I do...and REST I will....and GLADLY be thankful for the moment.  Now...let me just share my Oatmeal Adventures.  Oatmeal by itself is palatable to fact, I enjoy the flavor as is.  However, I love to be creative with my oats by adding things like whey protein, flax meal, cinnamon, walnuts, and YES...I eat raisins.  I never place sugar on my oats...and try to AVOID that all together.  All my sugar is consumed through natural food products such as fruit for example.  I also LOVE hot breakfast and that has to do with how I was raised.  My Mom always made a hot breakfast before I went to school and to this day, I stick to that same "begin my day" routine.  Growing up, I enjoyed my oats with brown sugar, milk and sometimes butter.  This was also back in the day where playing outside from sun-up to sun-down was the "norm" and let me share that I played hard & burned lots of calories.  I am saddened that this "norm" is no longer the "norm" but has been replaced by sedentary lives starting very young....and in my opinion is a large contributor to the obesity problem that exists today. That is a whole other topic though. Back to the Oatmeal....When I want a Power Hot Breakfast, I place 1/4 cup cooked steel cut (my favorite) in my bowl, 1/2 to 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, lots of cinnamon, a handful of raisins & walnuts, stir and ENJOY!!  What am I getting....My Fiber, Lean Proteins, Antioxidants, and Omegas....everything I need to fuel my machine....and the taste...FABULOUS! 

My Nutrition For The Day: 
1 cup of coffee
1-Protein Shake
2-Powered Up Oatmeal
3-Sweet Potato & 2 Stay Healthy Protein Balls       
4-B/S Chicken Breast on 1 slice Sprouted Bread
5-Steamed Veggies (lots) & Grilled White Fish
6-Protein Pudding (I am hooked)

No Workout: Recovery Day

Stay Healthy!



  1. Great post today, really enjoy the daily menu you post. How do you make your protein pudding?

  2. I will Post the Pudding Recipe tomorrow;) Stay Healthy!

  3. Darla!!! So glad to see you back blogging regularly!! Your posts ROCK and I need to share you with my readers!! Shoot me an email when you can so I can interview you for my Wednesday Woot! Factor series sponsored by Sears FitStudio- cool?? ;-) Great to see you back and you look awesome as usual!! ;-) XO

  4. Found this thorugh a friends page on facebook...lok forward to enjoying your adventure(and inspire mine as I prepare to put three years of medical mishaps behind me at 58). Meanwhile I respectfully suggest my fav oatmeal prep for a day when you want to try something else: 2-3 T peanut butter in the bowl, cover with cooked oatmeal, sprinkle with nuts and dribble with Maple syrup, douse with soy milk as desired.

  5. Great fitness motivation for the day!


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