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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Food Shopping...Whoop Whoop

Motivation of the Day: Capture the Moment of “ME” Time and Have Fun

I LOVE my Body Ball
Saturday morning….wonderful cup of coffee… actually I splurged and had 2 cups…YIKES…needless to say, I was ready for serious ARC trainer cardio after that pick me up. This will be one of those days where time will not be a factor and my day with no plans will be open for spontaneous fun, or catch up around the house. I actually LOVE days like this…and believe me they are few and far between, so I soak up every moment. What will I do today….well…things are running short in the refrigerator so off to the grocery will be one item on my agenda. Speaking of food that I need…I am often asked what kinds of things I buy and what I eat to maintain my physique. I LOVE to eat & do so every 2 ½ hours within proper portions of lean proteins, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats. What is a portion? A portion size is what I can fit in my hand….a palm size boneless/skinless chicken breast, a palm size of raw nuts, a palm size of grains….simple. Veggies are a no limit for me….I eat as much as I want throughout the day. I also LOVE natural almond butter & peanut butter so creating my protein balls using both healthy fats mixed with the whey proteins and adding things like flax meal, cinnamon, raisins, etc….has been great and a ready to go snack. As I am writing this & enjoying my post workout shake, I realized after scooping into the last of my chocolate whey…that I NEED MORE…so I will take care of that today as well. Let me share a grocery shopping tip with you…BEWARE of the CENTER AISLES…they contain all the CRAP food…think about it…the processed, sugar & fat-laden food items that are filled with empty calories and have food labels so long and with words that I do not even exist in the dictionary…lol…they probably do, but who has time to look all that up….I mean REALLY. If I do not know what is in a food product, it is surely not going in my face. This is IT: I stay to the outer perimeter of the store…the fresh produce, moving on to the lean meats, and dairy….I only make a mad dash to the center aisle for my albacore tuna, steel cut oats, 100% fiber cereal, and similar items. I maintain tunnel vision and do not entertain the crazy marketing “pretty packages” promising whole grain this & that, reduced sugar, heart healthy, and even the overused “organic” food term…the blah blah blah of unhealthy products at their finest…OK..Off that soap box. I hope that I am able to motivate people to READ THE FOOD LABELS. I recently wrote an article on a “Stay Healthy Nutrition Guide you Can Stick To For Life”, and will include that link for you. Off to do whatever I want today!

Stay Healthy Nutrition Guide That I Can Stick To For Life

My Workout of The Day:
45 Minute Cardio (Longer session on the weekend)

Body Stuff repeated each Set 4x:
Set 1
Neg pull ups (5 reps)
1 Leg Squat (balance squat 3x & kick up extended  leg after 3...that is one) 7reps/repeat other leg
Set 2
Cable Seated Low Rows 20 reps @ 35lbs  

Wide Leg Press...I KEEP Going for REPS

Close Leg Press...LOVE THESE
Modified Smith Leg Press 30-50 reps @ 50lbs on bar

Set 3
Biceps curls 10-15 reps @ 12lbs
Body Ball Abs 30-50 reps

My Nutrition of The Day:
2 cups of Coffee....ZING (not my meal or water intake)

1-Pre-workout shake (1 orange & 1/2 scoop whey)
2-Post-workout shake (1 orange, 1 scoop whey, prune juice, almonds, lt vanilla soy milk)
3-Sweet Potato & 6 Egg Whites blended with Mustard
4-Boneless/skinless chicken breast wrap with avocado
5-Spinach salad & Albacore tuna patti grilled with onions/garlic/spices
6-Protein Pudding


Grilled Sockeye Salmon, Chicken with Spinach Salad (xv-Olive oil/Balsamic)

Stay Healthy!

Darla ;)

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  1. I don't have a leg press at home and I do that with my smith :) I'm glad you are doing it too...I know it works now!


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