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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shake It Up Baby!!!

Motivation of the Day: Nothing Tastes Better Than Healthy Feels

I have just finished my morning workout, jumped into the kitchen and made a post workout shake and video. I absolutely love my post workout shake…WHY…because it is my heavier shake full of fabulous nutrients like whey protein, fiber, yogurt, nuts, and fruit…OH SO SHAKE GOOD. My body is definitely ready for this powerhouse after my workouts & it is a fast way to supply my muscles with the much needed fuel that my workout depletes. I get an instant satisfaction drinking my post shake and it keeps me going for the next 2 ½ hours when I WILL be eating another healthy meal. Did I tell you I LOVE to EAT….YES YES YES….but I am stressing this over and over because it truly is a HUGE part of what keeps me looking the way I do. The shake may start my day, but believe me, I will be eating another 5 meals before this day is done;) In my refrigerator is already prepared chicken breast, spiced brown rice, steel cut oatmeal, and I always have veggies, fruits and raw nuts on hand. It is important to know that by eating, your metabolism is in the “ON” mode and burning calories efficiently. I ensure that my body is always fed and my metabolism is always turned on….I feel great throughout the day, never hungry, always satisfied, and full of energy. I never want to allow my engine to be turned off…YUCK…no calorie burn, let’s keep the fat in storage, low sugar levels which means cranky & no energy, sluggish, headache, and just an overall “POOH” feeling when healthy foods are not eaten throughout the day. This girl will enjoy my shakes, my foods, and be able to conquer my workouts and everyday tasks….and I am not kidding when I say…that it makes me FEEL GOOD to EAT STAY HEALTHY FOOD. So….is it difficult to live like this…NO…it feels too good not to. Have a fabulous Stay Healthy Tuesday!

My Workout of the Day:

ARC interval for 20 minutes

Bodywork…I repeated this one cycle 6 times

One Leg Squats with a Kick Up (3 count with 1 kick up at the end) 7-10 reps per side
Plyometric Split Lunge Jumps 20 reps
Biceps Curls 12lbs @ 15-20 reps

My Nutrition of the Day:

Coffee, one cup please

1-Post Workout Shake
2-Powered Up Oats (Whey/raisins/walnuts/cinnamon)
3-Albacore tuna with mustard on Sprouted Organic Toast
4-Sweet Potato & protein ball
5-B/S chicken breast topped with salsa & avocado
6-Protein pudding


  1. love your blog - your enthusiasm is infectious!!!! I have no option but to work out at 7.30pm doing weights and cardio (workout totalling 1hour 15 mins) i am trying to lean down and trying to be in caloric deficit before i can start eating more and building. what do suggest for post workout meal at 9pm before going to bed an hour later? thanks, Amanda

  2. hi darla, me again! could i please please please have your recipe for protein balls please? also do you believe in feeding your muscles carbs after a weight session (along with protein of course)? many thanks :)

  3. Hi Amanda....check out this link!/photo.php?fbid=10150120507317620&set=a.217039012619.136353.159559142619&type=1&theater

    I like to eat my protein pudding before bed....1 scoop whey, 1 tbsp peanut butter or almond butter, 1/4 to 1/2 ripe banana, splash of light choc soy milk, mix to pudding consistency...add water if you need to a little at a time. I make this ahead of time and eat it cold.

    Thanks for the kudos on my Blog...Pass it along to your friends to follow and enjoy the Stay Healthy ride!

  4. The link to the protein ball is not working...cut and paste in your browser and it will take you to my Stay Healthy Fitness Facebook Image & Recipe for the Protein Balls.

    Yes...I also refuel my body with proteins and carbs after my workout;)

    Stay Healthy!


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