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Monday, May 23, 2011

Behaving Myself….


YES….I am behaving myself.  Do I think about being naughty…YES…YIKES…what the heck am I saying on this Blog.  What I mean and if you have been following, I listed a Bummer Report last time to let you know my neck was flared up…so what does that mean…staying lower body and cardio until I am feeling better.  Well, today I was feeling better and did I think about doing those negative pull ups….YES…however, I need to honor my body and know that I will pay for not listening.  I have become so in tune to the communication between my muscles and me that to push myself in a way to not build but to break down…IS NOT THE WAY TO GO.  I am a new modified ME….sometimes when days are good, it is difficult for me to put on the reigns…..the trainer in me says…Darla…listen to what the discomfort is telling you and YES, you are feeling better today, but give it a few more to really be able to handle the demands of the physical work and most important…to continue to build my body in a progressive positive way.  I teach this to my clients all the time, and what kind of trainer would I be if I did not honor the same philosophy for myself.  I walk the talk in fitness, nutrition and taking care of my injury.  Balance is key to maintaining the physique I wear today.  So, rest is just as important as the exercise…so I AM BEHAVING MYSELF.  I flew into my workout with a passion and completed an awesome ARC trainer workout for 45 minutes and a leg workout using my step bench and sand bags….I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED!!!!  I also look at things this way…when I do get back to my upper body…it will respond even more with the small break and rest.  I am a muscle confusion girl and working out my muscles in different ways all the time is what I LOVE to do….so for a few more days, I will focus on my lower body, and hitting the cardio hard.  Legs absolutely are killers anyway with the large muscle groups involved…talk about burn baby burn…and give myself 10 more…sometimes, I do not know how I do it…but I persevere…I am determined…I LOVE a challenge…and will never give up.  My attitude makes me who I am as well….I have come through quite a physical journey and will take the TLC when I need, but at the same time…does that mean STOP for me….ABSOLUTELY NOT…it just means…Change it up Darla…for now.  I will get back to my normal in a few….

Motivation of The Day:  There is ALWAYS a WAY….Remember that

My Workout of the Day:

ARC Trainer: 45 minutes
NO NO This Week!
Body Work: repeated cycle 3x
Squats holding 10lb sandbag @ 50 reps
Bench Cross over Step ups to Drop Lunges @ 20 reps/leg
Reverse Lunge on Bench 10lb sandbag @ 20 reps/leg
Low squat step bench walk on 20 reps per lead leg

My Nutrition of the Day:

Coffee, one cup
1-Post-workout shake
2-Powered Up Oats
3-Bday Splurge with My Son (Bean appetizer on Croustini & 2 drinks)
4-Spinach Salad & Protein Ball
5-Protein Pudding

Check out this Fabulous Grilled Mahi Mahi & Sweet Corn we made for dinner the other night in less than 30 minutes....the corn took about 15 minutes to grill in the husk...the fish grilled in about 10 minutes!!!!
Grilled Mahi Mahi in less than 10 minutes!
Grilled Sweet Corn in the Husk in 15 Minutes!




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