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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am a Morning Girl

Motivation of the Day: If you keep living your life to please someone else, you will never discover your own happiness

Workout was Tough...but I was Tougher!
Could I have slept in…YES…but when the sun starts peeking through the blinds, I can’t help myself to get up and join in for the rest of the sun rising party. I put on the coffee, enjoy the quietness of the morning and contemplate lots of things. I think about where I am in life…personally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically…pretty deep huh…another personal share…YES…I can be a deep person. I also enjoy journaling my thoughts, recording things I am thankful for, and struggles that I may be having…when I get off track with doing that, I do feel out of sorts. I can make a mental note, but it just does not have the same impact as writing it makes it more real to me….something I can go back to, read, and enjoy. WOW…where did all that come from…see what the morning does. What I do want to share about is my being a morning girl…this is when I have the MOST energy…especially when I get quality sleep. I LOVE to get up early, have my one cup, contemplate my thoughts, and get ready for my workout. I am usually ready within 45 minutes of waking to step into my studio and release even more positive endorphins from pushing my body….I LOVE the thrill of feeling my heart rate increase, the SWEAT that keeps my body at the right temp for the task, and the overall feeling of accomplishment to start my day. It is so important to recognize when is the BEST time to exercise for every person…some are morning people, afternoon or even evening….which is fabulous and the way it should be right??? Think about this…when do you feel your strongest? What are you doing with that energy….it is a great thing to capture that moment for some “ME” time to improve the quality of your life and overall health. This has worked for me for several years now and like breathing, it has become routine, my lifestyle, a welcomed hour of making me feel the BEST I can for the day. Waking up early to the beauty of my day, enjoying quiet time, and then shifting gears into my workout…NOW this is LIFE. I am still enjoying my one cup as I write to you on this beautiful Sunday morning, May Day….and also my parent’s anniversary…married 52 years…NOW that is a life celebration…I think about this and what a testament to me as a newly married woman. I have much to be thankful for and I will continue these thoughts during my ARC trainer Interval….OH WHAT A FABULOUS STAY HEALTHY MORNING!

My Workout of the Day:

ARC trainer Interval 30 minutes

Bodywork: repeated each Set 4 times (This was HARD...OH MY)

Set 1:
Low jack 3 plus jump 1 interval (KILLER) 20-30 reps or to fail
Power Walking Lunges with Medicine Ball 20 lunges
Set 2:
Jump rope 100 reps
Cable Low Rows 35lbs @ 25 reps
Neg pull ups 5 reps
Set 3:
Split Lunge Jumps 30-50 reps
Squats 15lbs @ 50 reps
BOSU Abs 25 reps

Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, fabulous one cup please

Crock Chicken, spinach, avocado & spicy sauce....READY IN 5 MIN!!!
 1-Pre-workout shake (will need this)
2-Post-workout shake
3-Powered Up Oats are READY
4-B/S chicken, avocado, spinach on wrap
5-2 Protein balls and 1 piece of fruit
6-Grilled Salmon (YUM) and Grilled Veggies
7-Protein Pudding




  1. I am definitely a morning girl, too! I get up an hour early each day so I can drink coffee and have that quiet time to prepare for my day.

  2. i am definitely an evening girl - always go the gym around 7-7.30pm and finish by 9pm. i use every last drop of strength and energy knowing i can go home, shower, maybe watch 1/2 hour or so of tv that i have recorded and fall into bed! it works for my lifestyle with work and young kids :)

  3. hey darla, you probably have videod this previously, but what do you put in your pre-workout shake and how long before exercise do you have it? cheers!

  4. Great job for getting in your fitness with what works for YOU!!! Getting it done is what counts and how inspiring for you to share. Keep up the fabulous fitness:) piece of fruit, 1 scoop of whey, some water, ice, blend & I wait about 30 minutes!

    Stay Healthy!


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