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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am Responsible for MY HEALTH in this Relationship


I am Responsible for MY HEALTH
The alarm goes off at 6am and my hubby hits the snooze button…..more than once.  I am an early riser and when an alarm goes off…my feet easily hit the floor and head for the coffee pot.  The intentions are always there to get in an early couple workout prior to starting the workday and many times it is talked about the night before, planned for, etc…but it has become a hit or miss thing.  Would it be easy to stay in the cozy warmth of my bed….of course…and especially with my fabulous hubby trying to keep the cuddle on for just 5 more minutes…then 5 more minutes….it becomes a game of jump and run to escape….lol.  He knows how I am…he sees my discipline, my determination, and my morning energy that takes me into my world of LOVING my morning workout.  Do I get pissed off because he is not honoring our planned workout together….NO…do I not work out because he is not doing it with me…NO….I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY HEALTH….No IFS, ANDS, or BUTS….it is up to me to take care of this body.  I absolutely cherish my hubby and realize that he is an afternoon energy person and even into the night energy person.  That man can get his sweat on at 10pm…OH MY NO…not me.  The beauty about being in a healthy relationship is seeing the differences in each other, and accepting who we are as individuals….and MOST IMPORTANT…taking care of our health for ourselves and for each other.  So, off I go to do my thing while he stays in bed and gets some more sleep time and recovery.  This topic is very important and key to being a healthy person in my relationship….physically and emotionally.  I will not blame my husband if I do not get that workout in, am unhealthy, out of shape, unhappy, overweight, eating like shit or all of the above….REALLY…would it be his fault…Hell to the NO.  I would have to look at myself square in the mirror…YES…it is me who is responsible for MY HEALTH.  I have seen many of couple get wrapped up in the blame game….he or she is cooking unhealthy this or that and I have to eat it, they are not walking with me, working out with me…and the list goes on and on…OK…listen…STOP THE EXCUSES to not take care of yourself already.  Everybody has their own brain & body…we CHOOSE to be who we are regardless of who we are with.  I believe in taking care of this body for me, my life, this life….I have only one life with no rewinds…and I am going to be the BEST me until my time is finished.  NOW…this is healthy…and you know what….my husband tells me that I motivate him and he admires the woman that I am because of how I LOVE myself.  YES, we both benefit from living healthy, eating healthy, being active…and if that workout comes together once in awhile in the morning…that is our bonus.  Do I depend on it…NEVER…It is Up to ME to keep on keeping on the Stay Healthy Life.

Motivation of the Day:  Take Responsibility for Your Health

My Fav Cardio & Great for My Body..Arc Trainer!!!
My Workout of the Day: (my neck is aggravated:/  so staying away from upper body)
ARC trainer for 45 minutes

Bodywork: hi -rep legs  for 1 set (Yes, I took small breaks…this was HARD)
Leg extensions 25lbs @ 100 reps
Hamstring curls 25lbs @ 100reps
Body ball to the wall Squats 100reps
Pelvic tilts lying on the floor 100 reps

Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, one ½ cup…I was tired..went to bed late :/
1-Post workout shake
2-Powered Up Steel Cut Oats
3-Egg whites on Sprouted Bread
Dinner is Ready to Go!!! Pre-prepped and in Bags...Grill and Serve!
4-Protein Ball (vanilla cinnamon raisin..YUM) & fruit
5-Grilled Mahi Mahi with Grilled Squash & Steamed Artichokes 
6-Protein Pudding

Bummer Report: My neck is aggravated so will focus my workouts on cardio & lower body until I feel I am making the BEST out of the situation...ALWAYS POSITIVE & ICE IS VERY NICE!!!

Thanks Rehana 4 the FAB Bday Outfit


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