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Friday, January 10, 2020

Why Fitness Goals are a Personal Responsibility

Getting fit and healthy is a personal responsibility and can be a hard pill to swallow.

Too often people wait around for a spouse or friend to start a fitness program. And this can be for many reasons - fear to do it alone, low self-esteem, or lacking confidence. It can feel overwhelming.

Sometimes the spouse or friend gets the blame if their thinking doesn't line up with your fitness goals. Why should misplaced anger be projected unfairly on your spouse or friend when what should be happening is you looking at you?

What it comes down to is health being a personal responsibility. None of us can expect others to have the same health goals or live your fitness plan. That belongs to you.

Do it For You

My hubby and I have an expectation of a couple workout before work. The alarm goes off but it's easier for me to get up without hitting the snooze. I'm an early morning person and he loves to sleep in a bit.

My reason for sharing this is sometimes our couple workouts are hit or miss. Do I forget my workout because he wants to sleep for a few more minutes? No, I get my coffee and go it alone.

The point is I am responsible for my health and that includes workouts and nutrition. It's up to me to take care of this body. I do it for me. Being fit and healthy makes me a better person, wife, mother, and grandmother.

Are you getting healthy for you or do you forget it based on others?

Individual Goals

I cherish my husband and know his best energy is in the afternoon and evening. That man can get his sweat on at 10pm but definitely not me. So, while I sit and watch a show alone at night, he is often getting in his workout. 

Healthy relationships see and accept the differences in each other as individuals. That means our goals will not be the same most of the time. My goal certainly is not working out late at night. 

What matters most is taking care of your health for you and that always benefits a relationship.  

Stop the Blame Game

I will not blame my husband for my choice not to exercise, eat unhealthily, be unhappy, or anything related to not getting fit. Would any of that be his fault? Of course not.

I have seen many couples get wrapped up in the blame game. Are you using some of these excuses to not take personal responsibility:

  • Unhealthy snacks and candy are being brought into the house. 
  • My spouse is always cooking unhealthy food.  
  • He/she is not working out with me. 
  • He/she won't go to the gym with me.
  • He/she is always watching TV or playing video games.
  • My spouse is never active.
  • I am being sabotaged.

Time to stop the blame game. Being active and eating healthy is a personal choice and responsibility. So what if your spouse wants to veg all day eating candy bars. Does that mean you take the same path? 

Your Health - Your Body - Your Journey

We are individually responsible for our bodies. You may be in a relationship but that doesn't excuse you from using your brain to make healthy choices.

You choose to be healthy regardless of who you're with. I believe in taking care of this body for me, my life, and that improves the quality of my relationship.  

The best part is my husband tells me that I motivate him. He admires the woman that I am because of how I love and take care of myself.

Both people can benefit from living healthy, eating healthy, and being active as individuals. 

This means I never depend on that morning couple workout because getting fit and staying healthy is up to me.

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  1. Its true its up to us but many of us do play the blame game or make excuses. Good post though

    1. Thanks for reading and for your feedback. Be well and Stay Healthy.

  2. That is so true... I usually (almost always) go by myself so I'm on my schedule and not someone else and mostly because I actually enjoy my time alone

    1. Thanks for reading and happy to hear you are taking care of YOUR health. Keep it up and Stay Healthy!

  3. Came across this read and just have to say that I’m so glad that I did! I’m always making excuse and not owning up for myself and the changes I want to make (which I want too) just having trouble sticking to it! Needed to read this! Thank you :)

    1. Thanks for reading and sharing your personal feedback. You can do it! Stay Healthy


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