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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Motivation for the Day: Remove the “MAYBE” from your life and replace it with “I WILL”

Getting Ready to Video My Salad....Enjoy!
Ugggg…..that “MAYBE” word hits my ears like nails on a chalkboard. In the past, I would hear that word and think it was something positive, a hope of something that WOULD happen. Isn’t that amazing how that can happen….but it did. You know what else it does….it sets up for unrealistic expectations, let down and frustration….it can ruin a day if you let it. This older, wiser, better girl has turned this whole word around to its TRUE meaning….MAYBE means NO. WOW…that sounds like a wake-up call and can you relate to it as well? Think about these words….MAYBE, POSSIBLY, IF, MIGHT, SHOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE…but that MAYBE…YIKES…is the most overused NON-COMMITTAL crap word out there. It is either YES or NO…how hard is that for crying out loud. Personally, I no longer get sucked down the MAYBE…I do not know…path when I hear that word fly out of someone’s face. Maybe means NO, Maybe means non-commitment, Maybe means NOT serious, Maybe means I do not care, Maybe means…really NOTHING. Man am I a say it like it is girl ....but that is how I am and there it is. When you live through a lot of “MAYBE”, you learn that it is something that you do not want to accept anymore….I AM a girl worthy of more than MAYBE….and that FEELS pretty FABULOUS. I stick to my guns on this one. Being committed, positive, and SURE of myself and what I expect of myself and others is a healthy thing for me. Listen to this….MAYBE I will start my fitness program tomorrow, MAYBE I will meet you for that walk or run on Tuesday, MAYBE I will give you a call tomorrow, MAYBE we will get that project done this weekend….how does that sound???? I say pretty unacceptable, and more than that…colorful word unacceptable. If I am not worth your “I WILL” time, then….DO NOT BOTHER. Also, this is about the other person and not me….this is another wake-up call in a POSITIVE. I will NOT wait for someone to start my workout program….thank goodness for self motivation…and also in the past…burned by waiting for workout partners. Taking charge of my “I WILL” and not waiting around for someone else keeps me a Stay Healthy Girl. I absolutely bring this to the forefront of consultation with my clients….maybe will not work if you want to work with me. I WILL and I WANT to…and I AM READY….Now those words are music to my ears. I enjoy the benefits of being an “I WILL” girl and it benefits those around me because I am happy, positive, DEPENDABLE, and maintain a healthy attitude about life. OK….whew…what a REAL Blog on that subject...OK…I am off to do my “I WILL” workout…..SELF MOTIVATION ROCKS!

My Workout of the Day….I WILL!!!!

30 minute interval ARC trainer (I WILL kick my ass)

Bodywork interval training: repeated each Set 4 x

Repeat each set of 2-4x

Set 1
Low squat opposite knee tucks
Low Rows 35lbs @ 25 reps
Set 2
Fast paced Hi-Knees 100 reps
Tubing Biceps curls medium resistance @ 20 reps
Set 3
Zig Zag Jumps 10 reps/Jacks 10 reps
Tubing Triceps Kickbacks @ 20 reps
Abs – 100 reps on body ball

My Nutrition of the Day:

Egg whites on Sprouted Bread

Coffee, one cup

 1-Pre-workout shake (one piece of fruit, scoop whey, ice blend)
2-Post-workout shake (everything!!!)
3-Egg Whites on sprouted bread
4-Spinach Salad & protein ball (WATCH MY SALAD VIDEO)
5-Modified Taco salad (lean ground turkey, veggies, salsa, plain n/f yogurt)
6-Protein Pudding made with ½ smashed banana

My Quality Splurge...Scratch Brownies...YUM!
Splurge Report: remember when I shared that I do not plan a splurge….it is a spontaneous QUALITY thing that happens on rare occasion...I made fabulous from scratch brownies with walnuts, and scratch fudge frosting the other night….just had the urge and YEP….it was delicious. Check out the picture….I enjoyed one piece and did not go back for seconds. I absolutely refuse to purchase crap box ingredient mixes and even cautious purchasing so called “gourmet” products from the bakery….still filled with lots of “NO NOs”….fresh REAL ingredients…WRONG.

Core an Apple, Have a Salad & Stay Healthy



  1. OMG, I'm in love with your blog and YOU!!!! You inspire me so much, and I just found you yesterday!!

    No more MAYBE'S for me! After reading this post from yesterday, I went upstairs, got dressed for the gym and am heading out the door in 5 minutes!!!

    Thank you for sharing everything you do, from nutrition to fitness, to your daily life! I can't even begin to tell you what a breath of fresh air you are for me!!

    I'm adding your link to my blog, I want everyone to know about you!!


  2. I enjoyed reading your comment! Right On for being motivated and taking care of YOU...Got in that exercise...KEEP IT UP & Stay Healthy! Darla


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