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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Grocery Store Score


Before I dive into what is on my mind today….I want to say a BIG thank you for my first two donations toward the Blog!!!!  This is so exciting and like I shared before…the small steps WILL become the BIG steps and eventually I can see this Blog becoming the source of motivation for many people to take that very necessary step to adapt a Stay Healthy Life…all for the price of a SHAKE…ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS…goose bump FABULOUS!!! I will share that when I receive enough donations, the first item that will be purchased to update the Blog…an HD camera so I can make better videos for you.  It is so exciting to receive your feedback and know that my life is making a difference in yours….such a reward.  OK…moving on to what I want to talk about today….GROCERY SHOPPING….first off, not my favorite thing to do….a BIG BUT here….the way that I shop makes all the difference in the world because it eliminates having to do it all the time.  I buy my healthy foods in bulk, package and freeze.  A new farmer’s style market grocery just opened near me and OH MY…what deals did I find.  You will see on the video.  All I have to say, it is NOT TRUE when I hear these excuses…”that eating healthy is more expensive and so I can’t afford to do that”….”I save more money eating my lean frozen cuisine, lean budget, micro health”…or whatever name that CRAP is called…OH MY…soap box Darla is off again.  Other things I hear…”the label says it is good for me”…oh “it is organic”…”it is gluten free”….”it is fat free”…”this drink has no calories, so OK”…STOP IT already…all this is just marketing hype to STEAL your money.  Let me share that shopping healthy, cooking healthy, and eating healthy is how I maintain my body…that is that.   I have a monthly budget for groceries and I come in under that number many times….I scour the papers for deals, clip coupons, and do whatever it takes to eat healthy on a budget.  All of us are in a jacked up economy right now, but for shit sakes, it can’t be an excuse to eat unhealthy….hell to the NO on that.  Buying in bulk is key to my saving money and making sure I have my healthy food for my meals….I make no excuses…that is how I do it.  It literally takes only 10 minutes to throw 8 chicken breasts into my crock and let it self-cook….I do nothing…I am not tending a stove, basting, or anything…I put it in, leave, come back and the FOOD IS DONE.  I prepare all my bulk items this way…as I have shared…my steel cut oats, my brown rice.  My eggs I do prepare on the stovetop…this takes 20 minutes….really, no biggie.  What I am hitting home about is this…IT IS NOT MORE EXPENSIVE to eat healthy foods.  It DOES NOT take more time to prepare healthy foods….in fact you can have that all done ahead of time.  I SAVE MONEY buying & cooking healthy foods…..when I have my food at home…I do not need to go out to a restaurant and put lord knows what in my face….YUCK.  I enjoy the fact that I have selected the fabulous meats, fruits, veggies, and anything else Stay Healthy to nourish this body.  I enjoy preparing simple healthy meals, and the convenience of having everything at my fingertips in the fridge or my cooler.    I have just posted 2 additional pages on the Blog…an About Me and My Published Recipes…I hope that you have checked them out.  As donations keep coming and allowing me more time with you, I will add more and more....My challenge to you today….get out your budget and for one month, add up how much money you spent going out to eat, vending machines, coffees, fast foods…anything like that and get an eye opening experience of OH MY...and THEN…I challenge you for one month to get familiar with your local grocery adds and clip a few coupons & follow my example for shopping…then last compare those two months and YOU LET ME KNOW which is a better deal financially and MOST IMPORTANT…for your HEALTH. 

Motivation of the Day: Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store for Healthy Finds and Avoid the Aisles

Squats...One of my FAVORITES
My Workout of the Day:
ARC trainer for long distance: 45 minutes
Body work cycle ~ repeated 2x
Squats holding 15lb weight 50reps
Neg pull ups 8 reps
Lunges holding 15lb weight 20 each leg
Biceps curls 15lbs @ 12 reps per arm
Modified Smith Leg Press 50lb on bar 50 reps

My Nutrition of the Day: (watch the video)
Coffee, one cup please...I needed it;)
1-Pre-workout shake (I piece of fruit & scoop of whey)
2-Post-workout shake (fruit, whey, prune juice, fiber cereal, almonds, yogurt)
3-Sweet Potato & Egg Whites
4-Protein Ball with raisins
5-Spinach taco salad (Tues Taco night with Family)
6-Protein Pudding



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