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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nutrition wins the Poll… I am bagging up the Protein

Motivation of the Day: The philosophy goes like this….Eat to Live NOT Live to Eat

 WOW….thanks for voting and wanting to hear and learn more about my nutrition….as you know…my absolute passion. I love to cook, love to eat, and love to write about it. OK….how do I maintain ME…I EAT TO LIVE…..YES….I am not going to be one of those who woofs down my food in 3 minutes. I enjoy taking my time, savoring the textures & flavors of the meal I prepared. What a waste of life not to do that….it is also a great social time for me and hubby….we talk about the food, how it tastes, how fun it was to prepare, and how we will prepare it next time. So…how fabulous is that….quality food and quality time…now that is a WIN WIN in my Stay Healthy Life. Did you know that it takes your hypothalamus (gland in the brain that registers you are full or hungry) at least 20 minutes to tell your body that you are satisfied? If someone is diving in at warp speed at the buffet, believe that they are consuming enough for more than one….lots more. This society is so wrapped up in quick this and quick that…it really is a stomach turner. In fact, eat too much and the stomach will turn and right out into the toilet….YUCK. Food is for life, to sustain the body, to nourish the body, to make us fabulous human beings….why in the heck is that abused? I want to reach right through every computer and rattle a few cages….WAKE UP AMERICA! I can feel a Darla soap box moment coming on….YIKES. Getting back to feeling satisfied…I prepare my meals in proper portions with lots of flavors, colors & textures and I take my time eating. YES, there are times where I will grab my handful of raw almonds with dried cranberries for a quick pick me up….but the majority of the time, I adhere to at least 20 minutes of QUALITY eating. I also take the time to feel satisfied….just because something tastes good….really good….doesn’t mean I would go back and enjoy it over and over until I need to lay down with my pant buttons popped open….NO WAY. Really, feeling miserable from overeating is NO fun and causes all sorts of other abdominal discomforts….LIKE GAS…yes…I go there too. I do not hold back when it comes to sharing everything about living a Stay Healthy Life. Tonight I made a video on bagging my proteins….salmon and ground turkey. This is another way I maintain ME…I buy in bulk and make sure I have my lean proteins ready to go with the pull of my refrigerator handle. Another PLUS….I save LOTS OF MONEY!!!! I hear the excuses about how it costs so much to eat healthy….WRONG. I challenge everyone to add up what they spend at the coffee shop, fast food, restaurants, and vending machines….NOW TELL ME….Really?? Talk about expensive crap in the body food….double YUCK. Back to me……I eat quality lean proteins, I buy them in bulk, I have them ready to cook every day, and I eat SLOWLY. It is about time that we all slowed down the pace in the face….LOL….I just made that up. That is a good place to stop;)

My Workout of the Day:

Stair Stepper for 45 minutes (I was nice & let hubby use the ARC trainer…ha-ha)

My Nutrition of the Day:

My Every Night Treat....Stay Healthy Protein Pudding!
 Coffee, one cup with splash of n/f vanilla creamer

1-Post workout shake (the works)
2-Powered Up Steel Cut Oats
3-Egg Whites on Sprouted Eggs (I am on a kick)
4-Spinach Salad with Grilled Salmon
5- Protein Pudding

47 Next Week!!!!!  Whoop Whoop



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