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Friday, May 6, 2011

Put A Fork In It..........

Motivation of the Day: In order to Succeed…try try Again, and Again and Again

I LOVE My Medicine Ball!
That is how I am feeling today…I would like to put a fork in this hormone headache…POOH! Really, this thing wants to hang on after having my coffee….caffeine is a vasoconstrictor & actually helps with pain relief…but not today….hard workout….still hanging on….OMG…OK…taking some NSAIDS. YES, I am human and have to resort to some OTC pain relief today. That is off my chest and on to the topic of forking. What do I mean by that…..OK…a bit more off my chest…I love to have my windows open on beautiful days to feel the fresh breeze blowing in…and today that is REALLY NEEDED…but THAT SEAL SOUNDING DOG that lives next door can ring the bells off a ship for crying out loud. Whew…I think this headache is really sensitive to seals…lol. YES…a bit of frustration coupled with cramps, seal song dogs, and a headache…sorry GUYS…I am sure the ladies understand. To top it off, my camera shut down mid video…REALLY…OK…laughing now. Can I say, one of those days…YIKES… Let me get back on track. NOW…the FORK thing…I ALWAYS order salad dressing on the side and if I want to use it, I DIP MY FORK IN IT, and then grab all the beautiful veggies and protein to enjoy with my meal. I am able to enjoy going out with my family & friends at any restaurant and order the way I LIKE IT. I am buying it so I order what I want. I hear so many excuses about how hard it is to eat healthy when eating out….OK…that is CRAP. Sorry, I am a say-it-like-it-is GIRL. How I eat is a choice….How you eat is a choice…anywhere, anytime, anyhow. It does not matter where I am, I decide what I put in my face, and how much I put in my face…and that is that. I maintain my physique by making smart choices and I CHOOSE to order lots of salads when I am out and PUT A FORK IN the dressing…if I even go there. Lots of times I choose not to….but if it strikes me…I Fork It. Eating out takes discipline and I have lots of that, and I also enjoy how eating healthy makes me feel…so really it is not a big deal for me to order healthy…as I have shared before…it is like breathing to me…my lifestyle. Truly though…how hard is it to say…PUT THE DRESSING ON THE SIDE. Why order a salad where the greens and yummy things are literally bathing in cream and fat…YUCK. Literally, I have seen salads so covered in the dressing that it is a slippery mess…not a food turn on in my book. I have talked with many a server, and they do not mind taking my order, and in fact, they usually have questions to ask me during our brief dialogue. It is great fun. Please do not think that you will offend someone by ordering YOUR food the way YOU want it. They are doing a job…you are paying them….got it! If they make the food extra special…a nice tip is in order. Speaking of tips and now that I am clear on my eating out salad strategy…..other things I do when I am out…first up…order a BIG GLASS OF WATER & drink often, I keep my paws out of the bread, chips, nuts, or any snacking junk sitting at the table, enjoy conversation, eat slowly and PUT A FORK IN IT;)

My Workout of the Day: Watch the Video
ARC trainer: 30 minutes

Bodywork: repeated this cycle 3 x
Tube squats 50 reps
Tube shoulder pulses 30 reps
Pivot front back lunges 25 reps per leg
Leg extensions 25lbs @ 25 reps
Hamstring curls 25lbs @ 25 reps
Medicine ball toss~fronts/ups/figure 8 @ 20 reps per move

My Nutrition of the Day:

A Beautiful Birthday Gift from my FAB client VICKI!!! Love ya & YUM!
 Coffee, 2 cups (hoping for headache relief…NOT)

1-Pre-workout shake
2-Post-workout shake
3-Egg Whites with mustard on Sprouted Bread
4-Fresh Strawberries and Protein Ball
5-Grilled Asparagus/Zucchini & Salmon (YUM!!!)
6-Protein Pudding made with ripe banana

Check out my Cinco De Mayo dinner ~ Crock spiced brown rice, topped with crock shredded spicy chicken, non-fat plain yogurt for the sour cream, fresh avocado and sliced tomatoes!!!

My Next Submission to Natural Muscle Magazine for the June Issue

Thanks for Supporting the Stay Healthy Life!


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