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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

When Fitness is a Struggle It's Important to Do it Anyway

Do you struggle with fitness sometimes? I surely have days like that but it's important to do it anyway.

There are days it doesn't come easy. This is also true for me and any fitness professional.

I don't always feel like working out or eating right. My motivation can tank. The struggle is real. Agreed?  

In fact, this past week has been nothing but a struggle. Without going into a bunch of gory details, not feeling my best and it's affecting my training. Blah! 

Find Your Motivation and Stay Positive

It's days and weeks like this that my clients motivate me without even realizing it. I also have an amazing hubby who gives pretty good pep talks. Sometimes things can just feel a bit overwhelming. 

The struggle is real for all of us. The most important thing is not to allow it to defeat you. Did you do your best? Fabulous! Then, you weren't defeated but accomplished. Whenever struggle hits hard, focus on everything positive about your efforts.

Do Your Best

If it was the best you could give with what you have, it was good enough. That is a superstar in my fitness book. If you were able to continue on past what you could imagine, now you have just kicked it into beast mode. See how that works. You have just turned a struggling moment into success.

Your workouts may not always be badass, intervals slower, and weights lighter. So what. The fact you are achieving a workout through the struggle is a huge achievement. Many would just say forget it and hide under the bed sheets.

There are going to be days when fitness and life seem overwhelming. You will not feel up to doing what needs to be done. But, when you do what needs to be done even when you don't feel like it, now that's real strength. This is called discipline and determination no matter what.

Fitness is not about perfection, but progress. This is important to remember through every step and struggle. Sometimes, as an A1 personality type, this can be a challenge for me. I work hard to pull back the reigns, give my mind a break, and even my body if necessary. The point is to do your best and keep doing that. 

You Can Do It

Another thing about struggle is accepting who you are at this moment. Your thoughts play a major role in living a healthy life. How are you feeling about yourself right now? Are you staying positive through the struggle? 

Whatever the struggle may be, you can still be successful. Each day brings a different challenge and that's called life. What remains important is how you plan to respond to it. 

Be well and Stay Healthy


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