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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Do you Like My Blog…Offer Me a Protein Shake Today!

Heat It Up Darla!
OH MY…the first day of summer is here with a whopping 103 degree temperature to say HELLO…loud and clear.  First…I am not a heat girl…meaning…I do not like to hang out in the sun, baking my body up to beef jerky.  I do not like the overwhelming feel of heat and breathing that hot air…well...YUCK.  I am also a firm believer of not working in heat above my body temperature…I am not into shocking my body to work extremely hard to keep my body in thermo balance…it is very taxing on my physiological self, besides the feeling of OMG…this feels NOT GOOD.  I listen to that, and another way I maintain my healthy self.  I do HEAT IT UP in my studio when the heat is up outside.  What do I mean by that…well…as I exercise, my core body temperature increases…and my body know just what to do with that…my thermo switch gets turned on and  produces fabulous sweat to keep me at my perfect body temperature .  Think about that…WOW…the body is absolutely amazing.  It is very important during this very hot time of the year for me to drink plenty of water.  I am a water girl….I carry water everywhere and do not go to bed without it by my side.  I am a gallon girl as well….probably more…especially during the summer.  I also hydrate when I Heat it Up every 15 minutes during my workouts.  Hydration occurs from the inside out…and my body soaks it up…LOVE IT…my skin and hair are evident of a well hydrated body.  I do not allow myself to feel thirsty or get a pasty mouth…YUCK…do not like that feeling.  Feeling thirsty is the body’s way of saying…HEY…you waited too long to give me water.  I love to Heat It Up though…the feeling of sweat pouring off my body as I workout makes me feel like I am really doing something fabulous.  Some may say YUCK…I say…Heat it Up and Bring the Sweat…I tease my clients sometimes and let them know they are getting a free facial…my gift to them…gotta laugh and have fun with exercise.  Heating it up means my body is being challenged in a way that will maintain my physique and the added sweat bonus says…Right On Darla… you are working and I LOVE IT.  It also gives me a feeling of empowerment…YES, it truly does and sweating through the process fires me up even more.  The exercise endorphin rush is a high that boosts my metabolism for several hours post workout and provides a feeling of well being throughout the day.  So, when I say Heat it Up…I am not talking about the weather…but how I increase the core temperature of my body through my fitness program that maintains who I am today….all the benefits: I burn major calories, boost my metabolism, give myself a positive endorphin rush, feeling of well being for my day…and My Free Facial…that is an added Heat It Up Bonus…time for some Water!!!

Motivation of the Day: Give a Good Sweat from a Heat It Up Workout a Try….Come On!!!

Biceps Today!

My Workout of the Day:
ARC trainer: 45 minutes
Body work Stuff:
Leg extensions 25lbs @ 100 reps (1x through with breaks)
Leg extensions 25lbs @ 100 reps (1x through with breaks)
Modified Smith Triceps Press 10lbs on bar to fail (1x through)
Standing Biceps Curls 10lb dumbbells to fail (1x through)
Abs on Bosu @ 100 reps
Cobra to fail

My Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee half/calf…2 cups today…wanted it
1-Mango Blueberry protein shake…the works (hungry this morning)
2-Post Workout Shake…the works (satisfying body demands)
3-Egg Whites in High Fiber Wrap (Boiled a dozen this morning)
4-Gotta have my Vanilla Whey Protein Balls mixed with flaxmeal, raisins, cinnamon
5-Watermelon (studies show boosts libido…YES…I talk about everything) & palm of walnuts
6-Grilled b/s chicken breast, tomatoes and onions

Cookie Dough Fun!!!

Splurge report:  made fabulous homemade chocolate chip cookies with my step daughter, Bianca for Father’s day…we used special dark chocolate chips and fresh from the oven, topped with vanilla ice cream…we all said…YUM!!!!

Check out this fabulous dinner I had the other night @ 10pm...YES...I eat healthy at all hours! Grilled Shrimp & Catfish dusted in spices with my favorite Spinach Cranberry Apple Walnut Salad!!!
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp & Catfish, Spinach Salad


Stay Healthy!

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