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Monday, June 6, 2011

It’s All Chemistry to Me….

Me and My Protein
It really is a fabulous relationship…chemistry is so important when it comes to that.  What is also important is breaking those relationship bonds…YIKES.  How can that be good at all…the chemistry I am talking about is the process of what food turns into when it hits my face…my relationship with food.  What it comes down to is the simplicity of the calorie and me.  Do I count them….NO…but eating my 5 to 6 meals per day in small portions keeps me in the ballpark of where I want to be every day.  The Law of Thermodynamics says this…whatever is not burned as energy is stored…that is it people.  It is truly that simple. So, when large portions of food are hanging over plates and made up of high calorie fat laden items….look out energy storage…when excess calories are consumed the body converts what is not used into FAT stored on the body…OH YUCK…some would like to get more colorful than the YUCK word.  Also….I hear stories about the snack grabs…going to the pantry and grabbing a handful of this and that…snack snack snack..and usually on CRAP…guess what…calories in the face not burned through physical activity add up…BIG TIME!  Look at this example…let’s say you take in 2000 calories per day but are only burning 1500 calories per day, that means an excess of 500 calories are left over which are placed in the fat storage body bank.  There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat, so on this course of eating, a person would gain one pound of fat every 7 days…that is 4lbs of fat per month.  Can you see how this adds up…can you see how this works.  So do I sit around eating out of boredom, without reason, and just because it takes good….Hell to the BIG NO.  If you look at the simple chemistry behind it, and realize every morsel placed in the face is a calorie ready to be converted to another form of energy in the body….that in itself can be the motivating factor to knock it off, and take control of the chemistry relationship with food.  I eat to live and not the other way around….I have shared this before.  I maintain a fabulous chemistry balance with my food in (energy) and energy out (the physical activity) which keeps me at a maintenance weight.  Now if I consumed too much over several days…guess what…I would gain…Not what I want to do.  I ensure that my food choices are not heavy calorie laden with lots of veggies, fruits, lean protein, and healthy fats.  In fact, I eat as many veggies and as much salad as I want at my last meal….over half my plate are the greens.  My lifestyle with eating this way is as natural as breathing so it is not hard for me, and is key to maintaining my physique.  I never plan to count calories ever again in my life…been there done that years ago…it is a pain in the bootie….however for newbies wanting to get a handle on food intake….I feel journaling it for awhile is great accountability until the Stay Healthy lifestyle is completely adapted.  The Food Administration just developed a new food pyramid guide…the dinner plate…and I love the simplicity of the visual… a long time coming and it covers my philosophy on food intake pretty well.  The point I am strongly making is that weight loss is not hard to understand when you grasp that it is all about Chemistry….one last look.
The New Dinner Plate..Check Out the Portions!
~Too many calories consumed to energy out – fat is stored, weight is gained ..YUCK

~Less calories consumed to energy out – energy is burned, no fat is stored, weight is lost…YEAH
~Same amount of calories consumed to energy out – no weight is lost, Maintenance…This is ME…so YEAH
So, yes it is all about the chemistry for me...YIKES..that was a tough one in college...but now it all makes perfect sense for my Stay Healthy Life;)

Motivation of the Day: It's Starts with the Person in the Mirror
 My Workout of the Day:
Arc Interval Training: 30 minutes...YIKES..I really had to motivate myself today...did a no/no &   went to bed too late..BUT..Stayed TRUE to my Workout...LESSON LEARNED..Bed on time tonight!
This was Tough Today!
Body Work: repeated cycle 4x
Hamstring Curls 25 lbs @ 25 reps
Leg Extensions 25 lbs @ 25 reps
Low Ab work, Leg Lifts on Bench 25 reps
Modified Triceps Extensions 10lbs on bar @ 25reps 

My Meal 2
Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, one cup please (needed it BIG TIME)
1-Post Workout Shake (gotta have my prune juice in it)
2-Sweet Potato with plain non-fat yogurt topping
3-2 Protein Balls (Vanilla Whey, Flax, Cinnamon, Raisin) YUM!!!
4-Grilled white fish with lots of grilled veggies
5-Protein Pudding
My Sunday Night Spontaneous Splurge...It was FABULOUS!
Splurge Report: Hubby & I made a Margarita Pizza on a thin crust Boboli, used low fat Italian cheese blend, fresh basil, roma tomatoes, olive oil, and minced garlic (YUM)!!! I had 2 slices. Our dessert...Low fat butter pecan ice cream with chocolate grahm crackers.  We were out all day and instead of stopping at a pizza place, we made our own...It was a spontaneous unplanned splurge...I never plan as I shared before and everything is better when I make it myself!!! 

I am SERIOUS about Spreading the Stay Healthy Life!
Stay Healthy!

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  1. Love the sweet potato idea with yogurt.
    Compared to your meal plan, it seems like I'm eating TONS!!



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