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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YES… I said Bootcamp

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I am dedicating this Blog to my Stay Healthy Fitness Boot camps.  I recently hosted one for a charity event for the C2BU, Courage to Be You Organization.  Let’s talk about boot camps…Why oh why, me oh my, that label…I mean really…it sounds like down in the dirt, give me 100 push-ups, whistle blowing, body crunching, kill my body, not so fun fitness…does it not?   I have to laugh at that because I get asked so many times if I will be able to do the exercises, is it really hard, I don’t think so, I am intimidated, no-way…I mean look at you for crying out loud.  OK…STOP already.  I can’t speak for other camps who may adhere to the “no pain kill my body no gain” philosophy… but I will tell
you this….I give to my SHF Boot camps the same attentive training as I teach in my studio to my clients.  I lead a progressive workout and every body works at their level of fitness…OH MY…never never would I put a newbie through a workout not suited for his/her level…that would be negligent and really…I would never see the participant again…YIKES.  I am a fun fitness girl, teacher, trainer, and motivator…now put all that outside and that makes for a fun combo of….. I 
am going to get a great workout time!!!  The beauty of outdoor workouts…in my book that is
what a boot camp is defined as….is enjoying being outside, changing up the routine, supplementing a current workout program, and meeting new fitness friends…now the day just started off fabulous…don’t you agree? There is something about using the different textures of ground…grass, decomposed granite, and asphalt that brings out even more endorphins….it is such a free feeling to exercise outside.  Do I watch my participants like a hawk…YEP…I ensure proper form, technique and all the goodies that a trainer provides a client….I pull no punches to ensure the safety of those I am teaching.  So….just because it is a boot camp that cost only $10 per class, does not mean I skimp….NO WAY.  That is not my way and never will be….My passion is to spread the Stay Healthy life to as many people as I can and this is another fabulous avenue to do just that. That means…quality time and quality workout.  Besides, it is also a learning experience…who wants to start out doing an exercise incorrectly and possibly being injured by that move…NO WAY….what fun to learn it right, do it right, and benefit from the fabulous body benefits…I say that is RIGHT ON!!!  So…do I yell…YEP…do I laugh…YEP…tell corny jokes…YEP…ensure everyone is having FUN…HUGE YEP…do I demo and correct form….YEP….offer modification suggestions…YEP.  Is it a Fabulous Workout….OH YEAH!!!  It would be fabulous to be able to bring my Boot Camp sessions on line to everyone of you….HMMMM…OK…Darla back on the SHF Boot camp track…the details…now drum roll….the Boot camps are only $10 per camp…YEP…I believe in affordable fitness for everyone!  No contracts and hosted EVERY OTHER Saturday starting June 18 and EVERY Tuesday evening starting June 21 .  Get in touch with me for attendance to the Boot camps and ensure a spot on the Stay Healthy Roster.  Lots of Fun, Fitness, Motivation…and a Fabulous Workout to Boot…no pun intended…you know me…good for a laugh!!!

MOTIVATION OF THE DAY:  Time is Often Wasted Sitting on Our (fill in the blank!)

Love to ARC!
My Workout of the Day:
ARC trainer: 35 minutes
Body Stuff, repeated the cycle 3x
Low rows 35lbs @ 30 reps
Leg Extensions 25lbs @ 25 reps
Hamstring Curls 25lbs @ 25 reps

My Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, one cup please
1-Pre-workout shake
2-Post-workout shake (I used sweet potato)
3-Spinach Salad with Protein Balls 4-100% whole wheat pasta & b/s chicken
5-Grilled white fish & veggies (Yum!!!)




Stay Healthy!

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