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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Vacation Adventure...OH MY!


Our Magma Boat Grill for Marine Stay Healthy Cooking
I am not kidding…my vacation was full of adventure, storms, bears, and a few bumps and bruises…YIKES…but OH…did I have a BLAST.  Well…the last week in June and into the July 4th weekend…a vacation on the water seemed absolutely perfect…escape the heat, enjoy swimming in beautiful Lake Shasta, and take in the majestic Glacier and surroundings.  We would stay on our boat, bring our Stay Healthy Foods, and try our new addition...a marine Grill to enjoy our fabulous foods.  I am a planner, so list in hand, creating the budget and down to every morsel we would stock in our cooler.  The excitement and anticipation of a week escape into the beauty of nature was over the top YAHOO…ready to GO!  My hubby paid attention to the weather forecast and attended to the mechanics of the boat and truck…thank goodness.  Let me tell you and can you believe this….drum roll…THUNDER STORMS were on the way…a tarp was packed with bungee cords just in case we had to batten down the hatches.  We were hoping for the forecast to change the closer the trip came…we both were not going to let anything like a forecast change our plans….Full Steam Ahead.  I pre-cooked Stay Healthy Omega Muffins, Whole Wheat Pasta with sundried tomatoes, basil, spice and olive oil, & boiled eggs.  I also included raw nuts, fruits, peanut and almond butter, plenty of veggies, fruits, yogurt, spinach salad, lean meats, graham crackers for a treat, & plenty of water.  We also purchased a small aged beef to break in the new Magma Grill.  It was truly one of those feel like a kid can’t sleep because we are leaving for someplace magical vacations.  The drive was fabulous…no clouds, great conversation, and we arrived at Lake Shasta ready to start our week of living on the boat.  Food on board, water, and us….life could not have been any better.  We launched the boat and found our cove for the night…now you have to imagine close quarters on a boat…and I look back now on how funny all this is…first thing… needing to drop anchor hubby quickly moves from the wheel to the front of the boat, but in the process foot connects with my jaw…YIKES…startled to feel a big foot in my face…but an ice is nice made it feel so much better.  Moving on to 4am...the forecast came true and the rain began to demand our “no stitch on” attention…there we were in the middle of the night, tarp in hand, bungee cords everywhere, balancing on the top of the boat  to batten down our home away from home. 
Tarp On, Thermals On...Ready to Weather the Storm
We could not get done fast enough and now in our thermals...YES…thermals and sweatshirts the end of June on beautiful Lake Shasta completely shut into our 24 foot boat.  We were very thankful for our prepared food because the new grill was now going to have to wait until the storm blew over.  We rocked, we talked, we ate, we napped and had truly quality time in our little shelter….this is where you know a relationship is a healthy one…teamwork and laughter through a crisis which turned out not to be…really.  It was still our vacation and we were going to make the best of what nature brought our way...and we did.  I was bummed that I could not be physically active as planned the first few days…but it was what it was…so there Darla.   So… foot in face, raging storm, playing balance without a stitch on in the middle of the night on top of a boat, tarp on, bungee cords securing our shelter and shut in this rocking tiny house….it could make for a funny movie…don’t you think.  Our adventure started on a Monday and the storm broke on Wednesday…we were able to un-tarp and poke our heads outside….IT WAS ON.  I brought my resistance bands and was able to do a little workout and swim like crazy. 
Mt Shasta after the Storm...BEAUTIFUL
It was like the Wizard of Oz going from black and white to color…all of a sudden everything was no longer grey but green and lush.  The water gleamed like emeralds and felt so refreshing!  Hubby and I grilled lean turkey burgers and corn, gourmet chicken sausages, thin bagels, and although quite horrible…boiled water for instant coffee…it grew on me.  We saw a black bear along the water and a brown bear during our tour of the Caverns.  Wildlife was everywhere and the beauty of the trees was breathtaking.  Now…imagine…we made the most of our Thursday because Friday was the drive back home.  Were we disappointed because things did not happen as we wanted them to….NO…it was an adventure…it was a journey….we worked together as a team and still had fun through every bump in the water.                                             
Grilled Aged Beef & Asparagus

Greek Yogurt Parfait!
Turkey Burger!!!

Thermals, Tarp, Instant Coffee, US...PRICELESS
We were thankful for things like our ready to go Stay Healthy food, our tarp that provided our shelter, and the warmth our thermals and cozy boat provided. Also, being a fit couple gave us the ability to be agile to batten down our hatches.  Life is a journey and this vacation is one that has so many fun stories that will be told over and over again….fabulous memories!  I hope you enjoyed the videos and images of my fabulous Shasta Vacation Adventure;)
Spinach Salad

Fabulous Shares from Our Shasta Adventure Vacation:


Stay healthy!


  1. Hi... I loved your post about your trip to Shasta on the boat. I was actually "Googling" ~cooking on the Magma Grill~ and found you. We (Hubby and I) leave this weekend for Lake Powell and camp on our boat and on the shore. We have a 22' Crownline open bow... I love that your boat has a little cuddy cabin! We will be up there a week and I was hoping to do all my cooking on the new grill. I really enjoyed reading about your adventure and your healthy meal plans. I'll be posting my adventure at Lake Powell the week I get back on my blog.
    Here is the link to last years adventure on Lake Powell. This year I am going to post more about cooking on the Magma and food options when camping.

    The post on boat camping on Lake Powell:

    Rainey @ The Project Table
    Oh and I'm working on getting healthy so I can stay healthy...

  2. I really enjoyed receiving your comment and look forward to reading about your adventures on Lake Powell with the Magma will LOVE it! Post some fabulous images as well...would love to see your boat. You are quite the talent with food and photos...very nice;) Stay Healthy!


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