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Thursday, July 14, 2011



Give me some Watermelon
Yes, I am 47…am loving it, embracing it, feeling pretty darn fit, sexy and my BEST ME…that is for sure.  I absolutely love to blog…it is an outlet, and I am a very social person…have to be in my business…but for the most part…that is my personality.  The beautiful part about writing is being able to be expressive and so guys…just to let you know…I am going there about being a woman at 47.  As a trainer, I talk with my beautiful female clients everyday about absolutely everything fitness….right down to periods, cramps, constipation, hormone headaches, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness…well you get the picture. 

Being 47 and a woman, I am not exempt to the YUCK changes that the body goes through at my fabulous age.  Do I feel like I am 23...YES…my body sometimes reminds me that I am not in the area of female changes….OH REALLY!!!  Now this is ridiculous…OK…things I do not like…night sweats….OH MY… soak the sheets and put myself in the heavy dry cycle for heaven’s sake.  Moving on to hormone headaches…when these hit....not fun…I do find that the OTC menstrual cramp medicine helps.  Let’s see…YES…irregular bleeding…another one of my non-favorites….I mean really…am I hemorrhaging or what….sorry guys…but ladies, I am sure some can relate.  One month can seem slight and the next month…I do not dare step out of the house…and walk to the bathroom cross-legged…yep yep yep…been there.   Why spend exorbitant amounts of money on fancy panties…NO WAY…Target here I come…lol.  Not to say that I do not have some of the fancies...but definitely not on PLAGUE days.  I was thinking about how much planning goes around this unkind week of the month…can I plan a vacation, weekend getaway, out with friends for the day….OH MY…wait everyone, let me grab my calendar so that I can count my days to ensure that Aunt Flow will not be along…I mean really…now bless the men who are understanding to their wives & significant others when it comes to women and going through changes. 

The thing about being 47 and experiencing things like night sweats, crazy bleeding, anxiety, and a whole different lower part….YES…the vagina does change as we age….OH MY…I said the V word, is that a pro-active approach is necessary.  My goal in life is to be the BEST ME at every moment and in every way…so I do take steps to have a healthy under carriage…lol.  This is a subject that many people are afraid to talk about and to write about…NO WAY…so, I will be the brave one and put it out there.  Things that I do to maintain my female reproductive health is using transdermal (rub on the skin) creams like progesterone and testosterone.  I am also a researcher regarding any natural way to maintain my body to include my vagina, and overall feeling of well being.  Hormonal changes are definitely not fair and I am doing everything possible to keep my body balanced.  I have incorporated eating ¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds & watermelon in my daily nutrition as a way to maintain a healthy libido. 

Raw Pumpkin Seeds...Giving them a try!
I am looking into things like L-Arginine and other similar supplements to keep myself in check.  I also read that using olive oil 3x per week massaged into the inner labia of the vagina keeps the tissue moist and supple.  YES…I am 47, but my goal is to do all I can to feel my BEST in every way…so talking about something like this I feel is very important…is it OH MY…I can’t believe she is writing about this…MAYBE…BUT…that is ME.  This is my life to motivate you and sharing about my life, and what I do to maintain my physical fitness in every way.  This is a subject that is very important for me and ultimately my relationship with hubby…who I must share is a very understanding man when it comes to absolutely everything woman…thanks Babe!  Do I want a dried up prune, unhealthy undercarriage for myself…OH MY Hell to the NO…well that might be overdoing it a bit…but really….I DON’T…so off to research more about olive oil.

 Motivation of the Day:  Look at Every Circumstance in Life as a Learning Experience to Grow and Be a Better Person

This is What I Can Do...Neg Pull Ups!!!
My Workout of the Day:
30 min ARC trainer

Body Stuff: Sets repeated 4x/1 min Intervals
Set 1
Incline Chest Press Smith: 40lbs on bar (1st time trying these...will see how I am tomorrow)
Neg Pull Ups
Set 2
Squats 10lb sandbag
Lunge Backs 10lb sandbag

My Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee 1 ½ cups
1-Pre-workout shake (lighter side)
2-Post-workout Shake (everything)
¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds
3-Lean Turkey Wrap (spinach/onion/tomatoes/mustard)
4-Grilled White Fish & zucchini
5-Protein balls (vanilla whey/flax/peanut butter/raisins)
My Published Stay Healthy Recipe for Meal 4



  1. i enjoyed reading your blunt blog..LOL but that is how us Ladies are about our bodies..well some of us...My question is how long have you been working out? I am 45 and out of shape and going through all of what you are talking about, and would like to know just how long you have been in the shape your in.Thyriod is making me eally put on the pounds and also the age is not helping. keep on writing!!

  2. Hi Valerie...thanks for stopping by my blog and glad that you are enjoying the content. If you go into the About Me tab, you will find that I am very candid throughout my pages. It is important that I share the real BS, no glossing over anything. So enjoy reading about ME, who I am, what I do, my life's journey and I think that should answer your questions. Just know that YOU can be the BEST YOU in all circumstances and life has ways of making us be more creative with our workouts and nutrition...but YOU CAN DO IT. Keep reading and Stay Healthy!


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