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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fitness Over 40 Is Fun But Has Challenges

Yes, I am way over 40 - love it, embrace it, feel fit, sexy and really my best me. Of course, becoming your best you at every age is what matters.

Just to warn you as a health and fitness blogger, I like to share the real stuff about me, and how it may apply to many women in the world. So, here it goes with being fit over 40.

Body Changes

Being fit over 40 is fun but has its challenges. Mostly due to hormonal shifts as my body prepares for the big transition. By that I mean menopause.

I really didn't think about menopause in my 20s and 30s. Your period changes, bouts with constipation happen, headaches, reduced libido, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweats, and the worst of all - vaginal dryness.

Other changes that some gals experience are difficulty in losing weight, and the dreaded menopot. You know the thickness that suddenly appears around the hips and lands in the lower belly. It can be frustrating.

This Sucks

Most of the time I feel youthful but sometimes my body reminds me of the truth - my body is changing. Things that really suck about heading into menopause for some of us include:

  • Night sweats - I'm talking soak the sheets and this is ridiculous sweats.
  • Irregular bleeding - Am I hemorrhaging or what? Can I even leave the house this week? Tampons don't work and forget buying fancy underpants.
  • Migraines - Can the base of my skull and forehead pound any harder? This calls for fetal position, cold head cloths, and keep the vomit bucket handy.
  • Anxiety - Things that shouldn't bother me suddenly cause fear, insecurity, doubt, and what the heck is going on?
  • Hot flashes - Put my body in the freezer because I'm burning up from the inside out. Oh, keeping one leg under the covers and one leg out seems to help at night. 
  • Dry vagina - The absolute worst and all of a sudden the delicate lady parts are no longer moist like they should be. Is sex even possible? Every menopausal woman is seeking relief - am I right?

Stay Pro-active

The thing about fitness over 40 is staying pro-active with your health. This is really true for every age and stage of your life. 

Let your goal be to become the best version of you during every moment and in every way. This includes that transition into menopause. It happens to all women so we can no longer pretend this subject is taboo to talk about.

Instead of being in denial about the body changes caused by hormone shifts, let's become pro-active and do something about it. What can be done?

A few things that have helped me include:

  • Bioidentical hormones
  • Vaginal lubricants (I especially like V-Magic)
  • Astro-glide during sex
  • Vaginal suppositories inserted at night and before sex (vitamin E and coconut oil)
  • Staying positive and accepting my body is changing
  • Talking about it

The Bottom Line

Women will experience differing hormonal shifts and menopause symptoms. This means all of us are unique in how to treat the symptoms.

The most important thing is not to be ashamed about it. Embrace and accept your body is changing and work through ways of being your best you through the journey.

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  1. i enjoyed reading your blunt blog..LOL but that is how us Ladies are about our bodies..well some of us...My question is how long have you been working out? I am 45 and out of shape and going through all of what you are talking about, and would like to know just how long you have been in the shape your in.Thyriod is making me eally put on the pounds and also the age is not helping. keep on writing!!

  2. Hi Valerie...thanks for stopping by my blog and glad that you are enjoying the content. If you go into the About Me tab, you will find that I am very candid throughout my pages. It is important that I share the real BS, no glossing over anything. So enjoy reading about ME, who I am, what I do, my life's journey and I think that should answer your questions. Just know that YOU can be the BEST YOU in all circumstances and life has ways of making us be more creative with our workouts and nutrition...but YOU CAN DO IT. Keep reading and Stay Healthy!


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