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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Wear a String Everyday


I Wear A String!!!
I absolutely LOVE my string…when I wear it, I feel strong, balanced, and sexy.  I would not go anywhere without it…I wear it all day long when I am at home or on the go.  It is so important for my everyday functions for work and play.  So….what the heck am I talking about…the String…really Darla…my string is my imaginary connection to the ceiling from my upper chest that maintains correct posture all the time.  My body just like all bodies is adaptable to the functions it performs.  If I were to sit all day slouched into my computer, standing with my shoulders slumped forward, driving all crooned into the dash board, or hunched over cardio equipment…YIKES…would I be in serious muscle dysfunction.  My anterior muscles of the chest, front deltoids (shoulders), neck muscles, and even core would become tight and adapt to that position…YUCK for the lungs as well…all crunched up and not able to deliver great oxygen supply to my body…OK..NO WAY. 
Do I have my String On?
  Also, do I want to be a person who stands humped over…OK...BIG NO…not healthy, not sexy, not ME.  Let’s talk about what would happen to my back muscles…overstretched & loose to accommodate the slump…Forget it people…NO WAY.  So, I prefer to pretend that my string is attached to the ceiling from my sternum area just like a puppet…walking, working, exercising, sitting, standing, driving all in perfect posture and to maintain great body balance & avoid muscle tissue dysfunction.   
Posture Check
This is not about being vain & cocky walking with my chest puffed out…certainly not about that…it is about beautiful posture.  I have talked with so many women especially who want to hide let’s say large breasts or small breasts so they adjust their posture to ensure that all is hidden…OK…on a soap box here…STOP DOING THAT!!!!  All bodies are genetically different and we need to embrace that, stop hiding, and LOVE who we are and please start wearing that FABULOUS STRING…get that chest out, walk proud, be confident, accept yourself…and feel on top of the world.  I have to admit when I first starting wearing my string it was a conscious effort of maintaining it all the time.  I had to constantly check myself and before long, it became automatic, and is now a part of what I do to maintain my 47 year young physique.  When I wear it I can feel my core contracted and strong, the ability to take large full breaths filling my tissues with fabulous oxygen, confidence and of course...I feel very tall…lol.  Such an important topic….posture… and now you know the secret behind my STRING…it is FABULOUS and part of my Stay Healthy Life and the BEST part…now you can wear one;)

Motivation of the Day:The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.”

Workout of the Day: (neck is flared :/ so limited on the upper body this week)
ARC Trainer 45 min
Body Stuff:
Variety body weight legs
Squats/variety lunges/step ups: 20 reps each exercise x 4

Nutrition of the Day: (Enjoy the Video)
Coffee: Great one cup on an early morning
Protein Shake
Pumpkin Seeds & Home-made Protein cookie
Post- Workout Shake (watermelon)
Egg Salad on Thin bun
Grilled Chicken Breast Patty & Corn (Super YUM!!!)


Stay Healthy!

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