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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Looking Past Rotten and Seeing Potential


I See Potential!!!
Now that is an opener for you…I have to say that I absolutely love rotten fruit…well, not completely over the top rotten…but most definitely very over-ripe, brown tinged, fragrant sitting on my counter fruit.  What do I see???  I see potential…I see that with some blending and mixing that I can create wonderful healthy foods.  I look past the rotten and into the beautiful creation of OMG…this is over the top fabulous (one of my fav words) and so good for me.  YES…I even maintain a positive attitude about rotten fruit…do I toss it…NO WAY…it has potential…potential to become something better than before. This can apply to who I am as a person as well…when I was injured…did I toss in the towel…throw myself away….give-up…NO, NO, and again…NO. I saw potential with a little mixing and blending of different therapies and exercise, I DID become better than I was.  So, YES…do I go over the top about such things as rotten, over-ripe fruit…well...YES…that is ME.  I savor every small thing in life because they are truly the big things…and tonight…the rotten overripe fruit is the BIG thing that I am going to create something very special with. 

What Do You See?
 I also think…why throw away a perfect piece of rotten fruit…OH MY…what a waste of $$$$...and I am not about doing that.  In fact, as I have shared in the past, I am all about saving every penny I can, clipping that coupon, and the deals…RIGHT…who does not want a DEAL.  OK…off that save money by saving the rotten fruit soap box.  Getting back to what I am doing with two rotten bananas and pears…creating another version of my Stay Healthy Omega Muffin.  If you have been following me, you know my passion for creative Stay Healthy cooking and baking.  It is truly therapy for me.  After a long work day, I find it so much fun to make a B-line to the kitchen and let the juices flow…no pun intended…but in a way…YES.  Having a passion in life is so important with the balance of who I am….I truly enjoy working in my passion which to me is not really working.  My sharing of Stay Healthy recipes is also a way I can reach out and motivate people to please get healthy and Stay Healthy with the one life that we all have.  So…if that means saving rotten fruit and sharing what can be done to create healthy snacks…I will click on that video to do just that…share my passion for cooking, share the enjoyment of healthy baking, and showing the outcome of living this way….PRICELESS.  I hope that this Blog comes to mind the next time you have rotten overripe fruit on your counter…and can look past the blemishes and into the potential that something better can happen with a little blending and mixing.

Motivation of the Day: You Do Not Have to Get an “A” Everyday ~ a Great Client Share

Workout of the Day:
Cardio Time: 45 Minutes ARC Trainer
Ended with Ball Work for my Core/Stretch

Stay Healthy Omega Muffins
Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, one cup
Stay Healthy Banana Omega Muffin
Post Workout Shake & ¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds
Egg Whites, palm of raw nuts, watermelon slice
Grilled Salmon
Stay Healthy Banana Pear Omega Muffin x 2 ~ fresh baked from the oven

Here to Motivate YOU!!!!

Stay Healthy!

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