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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Keep It Simple and Slow

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Life is really too short not to…I do not entertain drama, negativity, or anything that screams…NOT HEALTHY.  I enjoy the little things in life because they are truly the BIG things.  I have learned that rushing through a day at the speed of light is not a good thing and literally landed me flat on my backside in 2008…and besides…you miss out on a lot of life. For quite some time now, I have made sure to slow things down, enjoy the moment and build fabulous memories. I have this saying…nothing good happens fast…LOL.  I use this all the time when I am training clients…and I also put myself through slow methodical workouts where I concentrate on the muscle being worked, feel the muscle move through its motion, and really get the most out of the work.  Nothing good happens fast when an exercise is done so fast that the movement is out of form, without thinking, compromising the body, and before you know it…injury…and YUCK…what the heck is that all about.  Not for this girl and maintaining my 47 year young self…OK…yes I am talking about life and I am talking about my workouts…well, it goes hand in hand now doesn’t it?  Getting back to simplicity…I have learned to be content in all circumstances…in my book, life is not about having a million dollars, or the nicest car or house, but happiness with myself and getting up every morning looking forward to what I will do with my day. 

During Our Honeymoon Last Year
I enjoy the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee in the morning with hubby, good conversation, time with family and friends…and I am talking quality time…giving my full attention to someone when they are sharing a story.  I can remember when my kids were small and the rush rush get things done was on overdrive for this actively involved parent…they are sharing something exciting that happened on the playground for example, and I would be washing the dishes with one ear on them, the other in the sink…I would definitely change that…put down the dish and sit down to look intently in their eyes and allow myself to feel their excitement.  You see, these are the important things that are learned in life…the lessons learned that I now apply and live by.  You better believe my children get my full attention when they are visiting…no cleaning, no dishes, but quality time. I use this same philosophy with my clients, and especially during an initial consultation.  I give all of me during a consultation, coaching, or training session…I am a deep person and need to feel what is being shared in that moment.  It is in that moment, I can see clearly to help.  OK…I am all over the board here…but I hope you understand what I am sharing…simplicity comes with slowing down, being a good listener, a good friend, wife, mother, daughter and taking in the moment. Slowing down also means taking care of my body using slow, methodical movements where my muscles get the most benefit for the time I give. 
Exploring a Ghost Town
I am a simple girl…I love the smell of the first rain on the pavement, hummingbirds flying around my orange tree in the morning, the sound of laughter around the dinner table, my cooking being enjoyed, and my list can go on and on.  I sit here as a 47 year young woman who has lived a lot of life, experienced quite the journey and realizing that simple and slow may not be a million dollars…but is sure feels like a million dollars.  So, next time you think about wanting things now, fast, rushed….think about so many things that would be missed along the way…because truly…nothing good ever happens fast. I will end with another favorite saying….Exercise is a journey NOT a destination….this applies to everything in my life. Stay Healthy!
I Slow Life Down and Enjoy the Moment
Motivation of the Day: Nothing Good Ever Happens Fast

Me in my Studio
Workout of the Day
45 minute exercise of my choice workout
I started out on my ARC trainer and felt burnt after 10 minutes, so with my minute interval timer clipped on my sports bra, I began doing whatever exercise that popped into my mind for that minute…it became a game…and before I knew it, 45 minutes…DONE.  So, included in my fitness game were lunges, low rows, lunge backs, step ups, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, and pull downs just to name a few.  I also used my tubing.  YES…today was a tough motivation day and happy that I completed the game.

Meal 5

Nutrition of the day:
Coffee…so good this morning;)
1-Thin Bagel with 1 Tbsp peanut butter
2-Post work out shake
3-Spinach salad with grilled chicken
4-¼ cup Pumpkin Seeds and ½ cup Greek Yogurt
5-Egg white scramble with spinach & avocado

Personal Share:  Happy 87th Birthday to My Fabulous Father!!!

Love You Dad ~ Your Baby Girl



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