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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Do You Like My Blog, Offer Me a Protein Shake…

YEP…the cat is out of the bag…I use BOTOX…OH MY Darla…really?  Yes, every 3 months I attend my standing appointments to maintain my 47 year young self…do I enjoy having it done…absolutely NOT…it is very uncomfortable…but I enjoy the results.  What the heck Darla…OK...let me break this down for you.  Do I see a cosmetic specialist to have this procedure done…a BIG NO…who do I see…My Neurologist.  YES…I have BOTOX injections to alleviate the pain, discomfort, and tension that come with having Torticollis or another name…Cervical Dystonia.  As I have shared in my bio, I have endured injury and along with that…early onset Torticollis, a genetic disorder that may have presented later in my life, but with trauma…oops here it is…early…YUCK…but out of my control.  It is one of those things that I MUST accept and love about myself.  At first, I was so embarrassed about it, because with the disorder comes cervical tremor…the late great Kathryn Hepburn also had the disorder.  I felt like one of those bobble dogs you see sitting on a car dash…lol…  I have to laugh at life and I am no longer hiding who I am and this is a part of me…so if I am a bit shaky sometimes and having a not so good day…oh well…goes with my program.  I have responded well to the BOTOX treatment, and can actually say that it is being used for a fabulous purpose.  Did you know that BOTOX is used to treat medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, migraines, back pain, excessive sweating, weak bladders, and enlarged prostate glands.  I have to honestly say that I could not sit there and have this stuff injected in my face or anywhere else for that matter just for fun thinking it might give me some youthful rewind…YUCK…and further remove my ability to have facial expression when I talk or laugh…OH, hell to the Big NO.  That is just how I feel however and not to offend.  Besides, when that huge needle is penetrating different layers of muscle to get to the root spasm…OMG…it hurts like no other…and to sit through several injections…well, again…no way to elective “I want to have no lines on my face” BOTOX… No, No, and again, No….and the stuff is outrageously expensive…I can’t believe that thousands of dollars are shelled out per treatment and if elective…that is out of pocket…a BIG NO way for this frugal girl.  I am so excited to share that BOTOX IS used for positive benefits such as treating my condition and many others…I experience relief with tremor, reduced pain, tension, and everything YUCK that goes along with Cervical Dystonia. 
Typical Injection Sites for My Cervical Dystonia

Relaxing on the Boat Last Week...Life Balance is Key!
 Of course, exercising in addition also provides a stress reducer and endorphin release that provides natural healing that keeps me calm, relaxed, and since Torticollis can be negatively affected by stress…It is important for me to exercise often…and I DO!!!  Why do I write about this…because I am REAL, and I AM who I AM… OPEN…and willing to share my life with you…wanting you to know that everything is possible with limitations and medical conditions.  This is actually the very first time that I have disclosed in depth regarding my Cervical Dystonia and I hope that it reaches many that suffer with the same condition and provides hope to not be ashamed or embarrassed.  Life is too short not to embrace each moment given…it truly is like that.  I take each moment and in that moment, I WILL be my BEST ME…I persevere through the storms and walk strong …do I have fears…who doesn’t…but my Hope, my Strength, and my Will always prevail.  WOW…deep stuff, so on the lighter side of my life…today is a very good day and I am into month 2 of my injections and I feel…whoop whoop FABULOUS!!!  This weeble wobble refuses to fall down.  Now off I go to kick my bootie on the ARC trainer for 60 minutes, then hit my modified weight routine…You See…My Life is Real Good!!!

Motivation of the Day:  The Only Limits on Your Life are Those That you Set Yourself

My Workout of the Day:
60 minute ARC trainer cardio day
Watch my Video…Modified Exercise in My Cage

My Nutrition of the Day:
My Spinach Salad tossed with EV Olive Oil & Balsamic
Coffee, one cup with n/f creamer
Pre-workout shake
Post-workout shake
Egg white salad on high fiber wrap
½ cup mixed beans with salsa, topped with n/f Greek Yogurt
Protein Balls (almond butter, whey, cinnamon, raisins)
Large Spinach salad & Grilled Salmon
1 Graham cracker with peanut butter

Personal Share:  Celebrating my 1st Anniversary on September 15 married to my fabulous husband ~ My partner, my friend, my support, biggest fan, cheerleader, and My Forever and a Day Love ~ Thank you Babe for being such a wonderful man & I am happy to celebrate this day and look forward to years of Stay Healthy Happiness with YOU;)

Don & Darla Leal, Happily Married September 15, 2010




  1. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


    Hailey William

  2. Love your motivational tips! Especially, the one about you are the only one who sets limitations for yourself. This is so true.

  3. Hi business email is . Send me a link to your site so I can take a look;)

    Hi Darvis...thanks so much and happy that you are inspired. Stay Healthy! Darla;)

  4. I'm sure no one loves having botox but we all love it's result.
    At first even the procedure it's a little strange but we are lucky because the procedure last just half hour or so.
    When I did my first Toronto botox treatment I was also scared because the result wasn't as I expected right after the treatment.
    But when the doctor told me everything it's OK and that the result will be great after a week or so all I did was to way for it ....and guess what:D it came as a prince charming on a white horse:X

  5. Hi Avril,

    Thanks for reading and adding your experience with Botox treatments. The alternative uses for Botox are rarely known to the public and I was happy to share this with everyone. I am assuming with your comment that you are being treated for a medical condition benefited by Botox injections and happy that you are receiving positive results with your treatments.

    Stay healthy!

  6. I too have cervical dystonia. How do you do the upper body work without straining your neck and shoulders and therefore exacerbating the symptoms. I have been getting the botox shots for 18 months and boy, has it helped. But, i am paranoid about doing any exercises for upper body.

    1. Glad to hear from you and sharing your positive experience with Botox treatment and cervical dystonia. It is my bitter sweet appointment :) I am careful to not lift overly heavy and focus on relaxing my shoulders and do neck checks often to ensure I am not over-straining. I no longer perform push-ups but enjoy chest press with my neck and back fully supported on a bench. Also incorporating good breathing technique is essential. I used to be so embarrassed about my condition now I want to reach out and help as many people as I can and provide hope that living a healthy quality life is possible. Be well and Stay Healthy!


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