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Monday, October 3, 2011

Confessions of a Cherry Picker

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My Bulk Sweet Potatoes 61 cents/lb
I admit it…I am absolutely a huge cherry picker, and I wanted to get this out to you quickly while the picking is still good…LOL.  I will share exactly what I am talking about…the confessions of a cherry picker…that is ME.  I have always been a money saver, combing the circulars for deals and clipping coupons.  This, my friends is a “cherry picker”…searching the circulars for deals and picking them off. This has also become a fun game for me and I challenge myself each time to save more and more with each shopping adventure.  The key is to stick to the deals and not get sucked into the full price items that are NOT Stay Healthy food items on my list.  I plan my strategy as you will see in the fun video included with this Blog. I also plot my driving route to transition well from store to home…this also saves me on gas money…OH MY…that is another soap box issue…the price of gas right now is absolutely ridiculous.  We all have to do what it takes to save here and there, so I will take the time to put the deals in order according to route.  I also frequent the same stores and know my local groceries pretty well, so that I can get what I need and get out…another time saver.  I am not one to stay in a store for hours…I mean really…NO NO NO…this is temptation to get sucked into things not on my list…I do not care if it is the deal of the century…it is still spending money I would not spend otherwise.  I stick to the circular deals, stick to my list, buy healthy food items, use coupons on items that I buy…and that is how this cherry picker does it.  I also buy in bulk which is another huge savings....I am not one who likes to run back and forth daily to the grocery….I mean really…and why???  The only items I will return to the store for are the produce items like fruits, veggies, and salads…but that may be a once a week quick pick and again using the circulars for deals.  I will share that I shop at Costco for bulk items and you better believe I know if it is a deal or not.  

I am a Cherry Picker
 My cherry picking route looked like this…Costco, Sprouts, Winco and Nugget stores.  I try not to go over 3 stores per pick, but there was such a good deal at the Nugget on the whole free range chickens and Gala apples, it was a MUST stop.   Being a cherry picker enables me to save lots of money, eat healthy, and maintain my physique with fabulous Stay Healthy food.  I also have everything I need on hand in my refrigerator and pantry for every meal throughout the day…being a cherry picker means I have no excuses NOT to eat healthy.  So, it is also a motivator and accountability tool for me.  You may think I am over the top on this one, but it really takes minutes to look through the deals to save money…and believe me….it is worth every penny.  That is what I am all about…being real on how I do things to eat healthy and labeling myself a “cherry picker”…well…there you have it.  Stay Healthy!

Motivation of the Day:  If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Neg Pull-Ups...Down Slow & Controlled
My Work out of the Day:
30 Minute ARC trainer
Body Stuff repeated 4x
Neg pull-ups 7-10 reps
Hamstring Curls 25lbs 25 reps
Leg Extensions 25lbs 25 reps
Pull downs, 30lbs 25 reps
Low rows, 30lbs 25 reps
BOSU abs, 25 reps

Nutrition of the Day:
Coffee, one cup with f/f French vanilla creamer
1-Thin bun with PB2 (2tblsp mixed with water)
2-Post Workout Shake
3-Lentils and Grilled Chicken
4-Cauliflower Chicken
5-Spinach Salad with Grilled Salmon
Protein ball before bed

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