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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am a Cheater and I am Just Fine with That


Yes, I am a cheater and that is just fine with me.  YIKES Darla, what the heck are you blogging now…well…not talking relationship…well maybe.  I am talking about my relationship with food to maintain my 47 year young self.  I thought Halloween was the perfect time to talk about this subject…being a cheater that is.  This fun, candy laden day is filled with tons of sugar and fat contributing candy bars, treats, cupcakes, cookies…and OMG…really…OH MY…steer clear of the grocery store right now.  In fact, I sit here blogging this 3 days before “trick or treat” time and I still have not purchased my candy to hand out.  Why???  Well, I or hubby need not be tempted by the bags lurking about and this type of food just does not live in our house anyway. Does that mean I never eat candy…well…of course I absolutely have a treat now and then.  If any fitness professional says they never do this…well…I will not go there…as this Blog is about how I maintain ME.  Moving on to the treats…do I have them…on occasion I will indulge.  Let me just share that I maintain a “clean” nutritional food intake almost daily…what the heck is “clean”…that word is thrown around so much in the health world, fitness industry, and is quite the food BUZZ word.  Well…I certainly do not run my food through the quick wash and dry cycle…of course I have a sense of humor about almost everything.   

My clean foods consist of boneless skinless chicken breast, lean turkey and ground lean turkey, salmon, white fish, raw walnuts and almonds, pumpkin seeds, sweet potatoes, Greek yogurt, whey protein, eggs, greens, lots of veggies and fruits, beans, oats, flax meal, peanut and almond butter, 100% high pulp prune juice, light soy milk…and I know I may be leaving a few things out…but I hope you get what I am trying to say here.  Drum roll…YES…I will indulge and have a quality splurge now and then.   

OH…and my favorite “not on my clean list” candy is York Peppermint Patties…cold…YUMMM…refreshing.  YES…I know what you are thinking…really Darla…a YORK…the candy that says lo-cal on the wrapper…well…YES…it does, but I am a mint and chocolate gal and one of these in the refrigerator and served cold…absolutely REFRESHING.  I am just not into the nougat, extra chewy stuff…sorry…NOT ME.  OK…shared my candy…moving on to what I mean by my QUALITY SPLURGE...first…I never plan a cheat meal…but when the urge strikes me and I want a brownie, piece of pie or cookie…I WILL NOT go and get a packaged product…YUCK…that is a big waste of my calories.  My splurge has to be quality and baked with lots of TLC…just like my Mom made for me when I was growing up.    

My Annual Quality Splurge ~ Apple Dumpling
An example is my annual trip to Apple Hill where fresh baked apple dumplings are served with a warm cider sauce and ala mode for me PLEASE…Now that is what I am talking about. YES…I have a quality splurge and still maintain my physique just fine.  You see, everything in moderation…life is all about balance and not deprivation to the point of not enjoying LIFE.  This is unhealthy in my opinion.  I tell my clients that if they are wanting a cookie, dreaming about a cookie, thinking about it all the time…GO EAT THE COOKIE…but make it quality, not processed, go out for it,  DO NOT bring anything back home, be done with it and get back on the “clean” food track tomorrow.  I live the same philosophy as I teach my clients otherwise I would be a hypocrite…and that is NOT me.  I am real, enjoy LIFE, and have a quality splurge now and then.  The beauty about living such a healthy lifestyle is that I really appreciate the tastes, textures and overall experience of a fresh baked piece of pie, brownie, etc…it can be heavenly…and in that moment…IT IS.  I am not going to beat myself up over having my apple dumpling or whatever quality splurge I may be in the mood for either…I mean really…Why???  The world will not end, my body will not change, and I will still be fit Darla tomorrow…maybe a bit carbohydrate loaded…and full of energy for a great workout the next day ;)  The point I am trying to make is that I am a CHEATER…rarely…but I AM.  Life is too short to get so caught up in things like perfection, which does NOT exist by the way, that good times like having an apple dumpling in a beautiful setting are missed…NOT FOR THIS FITNESS CHICKIE…I AM A CHEATER…and I am just fine with that.

Love My Hamstring Curls
My Workout of the Day:
20 minute ARC trainer for cardio

Interval Training Cycle:
Each exercise performed for 1 minute and cycle repeated until 30 minute program was complete
Hamstring Curls @ 25lbs
Leg Extensions @ 25lbs
Jump Rope
Negative Pull ups
Split Lunge Jumps
Body Ball Abs
Step Ups (alternate leg)
Low Rows @ 30lbs

Nutrition of the Day:
Still enjoy my one cup in the morning
1-Pre-workout shake…lighter side
2-Post-workout shake (the works)
3-One Whole Egg, 4 Egg whites mixed with mustard & 1 tsp Olive Oil Mayo, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds
4-PB2 plus 1tsp peanut butter mixed with water on 100% whole wheat thin bun
6-Fresh Broccoli tomato soup with n/f ricotta cheese (this was so good!!!)
7-Two Protein Balls before bed made with almond butter


Stay Healthy!

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