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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It Has to Be QUALITY


Quality Food is a MUST
QUALITY life…WOW…doesn’t that sound absolutely FABULOUS...well of course and I really believe in that all the way around.  I am into quality relationships, quality healthy foods, quality splurge meals when I have them, quality time, a quality simple life, and YES…QUALITY moves during my workouts.  If it is not quality…forget it…I mean really.  I am not going to waste my time performing an exercise that will get me nowhere and in fact, would probably injure me in the process…A BIG NO THANKS. I am into QUALITY over quantity…maintaining my physique is not a competition of how much I can lift or rep…it is about creating and being the BEST ME with my quality exercise and with the new modified body that I have.   Society today is so caught up in fast this and fast that, competing with him or her….YUCK…I would love the whole world to get a good wallop on the head, slow down, and enjoy just BEING, enjoy the gift of moving their bodies for the health of that body and who the hell cares what he, she, or all the other somebody else’s are doing…being healthy is not a competition…it is a lifestyle…and a glorious one at that.  Quality has so much to do with that…if I did not live a quality life how could I be a quality person taking care of myself…I would be one of those rush in and out of the gym and maybe get it right…WRONG…NOT for this fitness girl.  What kind of example would I be setting for anyone, and especially those that I train/coach…YIKES?  It has to be QUALITY…it has to be GOOD FORM, TECHNIQUE…and everything that creates a MORE than great workout experience.  When it comes to my QUALITY workout, I concentrate on proper posture, always drawing my navel into my spine…this makes me wear my STRING (if you have followed my Blogs, you know that my String is my pretend connection from my sternum to the ceiling and ensures that I am standing in proper posture). 

Posture is key to Quality Exercise
I put my mind where the muscle is, think about that muscle moving through its range of motion (ROM), and the joint actions that are involved in the move…if I am performing a biceps curl for example…I will not be moving my shoulder joint, and definitely not swinging at the hips to get the weight up…OH MY…HURT MYSELF gosh.  Having a private studio is great because I definitely cringe going into public facilities where injuries are going to happen due to non-quality moves…this is a whole other story though…so back to my QUALITY workouts.  The point I am trying to bring home here, is that life is too short not to do things right….to be a quality person, eat quality foods, enjoy quality time with friends and family, and definitely perform QUALITY workouts…all these things done in a quality way…are truly a big part of happiness, success in health and a balanced life…and the QUALITY workouts…well…this 47 year young body says a BIG THANK YOU! Stay Healthy!

MOTIVATION OF THE DAY:  Quality Exercise Produces Quality Results

My Nutrition of the Day:
Meal 4
Coffee, one cup ~ splash of n/f creamer
1-Stay Healthy Harvest Protein Muffin
2-Post Workout Shake & ¼ pumpkin seeds
3-Four Egg whites on Thin Bun & Apple
4-Small sweet potato and ¼ cup N/F Plain Greek yogurt
5-Scratch Chicken Vegetable Soup
6-1 Tbsp peanut butter on Rice Cake

My Workout of the Day:
ARC Trainer for 20 minutes
HIIT Program (repeated 2 xs)
Move 1: Squat, Curl & Press
Targets: Quads, delts, glutes, biceps, & triceps.

Move 2: Walking lunge & Oblique twist with dumbbell/medicine ball

Targets: Quads, core/obliques

Move 3: Overhead Triceps Extensions
Targets: Triceps

Move 4: Low Rows
Targets: Back

Move 5: Medicine Ball/Dumbbell Pullover

Targets: Back, chest, shoulders, and abs

Move 6:  Pop Squats

Targets: glutes, thighs, and burns fat all over!!

Move 7: Calf Raise
Targets: Calves

Move 8: Seated Medicine Ball Twist
Targets: abs/obliques

Stay Healthy Harvest Protein Muffin..FABULOUS
Check out my Stay Healthy Harvest Protein Muffin Recipe perfect for the holidays or anytime…Newly Added to the In My Kitchen Page!!!


Stay Healthy!

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  1. Love your recipe for the brownies! I'm a chocolate lover!!! Thanks for sharing.


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