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Friday, November 4, 2011

Setbacks SUCK


Setbacks Suck...but Hey...I make the BEST of IT
Well, I have to say that I do not like setbacks…and in fact they do SUCK.  Going through the pain of a setback from my injury is the hardest part…but also having to cut way down to doing nothing with my fitness program…big YUCK.  I am such an active person and giving in to what my body is telling me is definitely a mind vs. body fight, and I have to say that I do practice what I preach…and listen.  I would not push my clients through a setback in ways that would further aggravate an injury and I need to apply that to myself…is it hard…YES.  Always honest here…I am one of those can’t hold her down personality types usually, but the wiser Darla says…hold yourself down GIRL!!!  I have been through so much and I can tell you…IT IS NOT WORTH IT…meaning pushing myself through pain only to land flat on my ass for days…hell to the BIG NO THANKS. I also have a supportive hubby who keeps me accountable to that.  In fact, he makes me promise that I will not workout for however long it takes to get back on track and feeling close to 100%...MAN THAT IS A TOUGH ONE FOR ME…I have to admit, I hesitate to answer…lol…but you know what, I have gone most of my life without an accountability coach…so although hard…I appreciate it.  The athlete in me truly wants to do at least something…cardio at the minimum…but if I feel discomfort even in that movement…well…I need to STOP doing that.  I confess that it is so hard to shut this part of me down…meaning the athlete, but what I do enjoy during my recovery time is working with my clients and being a part of their efforts as I push them through their fitness programs.   In a way, this satisfies my urge to workout because I am still in the environment, actively involved by pushing them, and celebrating the accomplishment of the finish.   

Getting back to my inner turmoil when it comes to setbacks…I am a person just like you…and I do feel frustration, blah, yuck, maybe even a bit of anger about it…I say to myself…really Darla…still feeling like this today…ugh…another day of ice packs, TENS unit, ice packs, ice packs, ice packs…well you get the picture.  Not a fun time and in fact it gets in the way of my quality life functions…spending time with friends, family, hubby, etc…It is really a hard thing to enjoy something when my pain level is saying a BIG HELLO all the time.  These are times I have to take a deep breath and accept that it is what it is for the moment and still the BEST me in the circumstance.  What the heck Darla…really…how can you be the BEST you when you feel like shit (can I say that??) Oh well…I did…that is me.  The fact is…I CAN and I DO…is it anyone’s fault that I am having a flare up…NO…well, maybe mine if I tried a new exercise that caused the problem…so…the motto that I hold true to…Life is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You Respond to It…is always whispering in my ear.   

My response is…I do not like this, but I am not going to be a crabby “B” to hubby, friends or family…I mean really…what would that do for me or anyone else.  I take this moment to reflect on things like…not repeating the movement that may have caused the flare up or how I can modify the move even more to protect myself…it seems like I will always be a test as I go Gal…meaning it works for the New Modified Me or it Doesn’t…and then stick to the routines that DO work.  Setbacks do suck, but they also teach me what my body can or can’t do, and although I sometimes feel sad about the things I can’t do and think to myself…really…this is going to kick my ass like that, I appreciate even more those things I can do that don’t set me back at all…and that my friends…is FABULOUS!!! Stay Healthy!

MOTIVATION FOR THE DAY:  Always Strive to Be the BEST Version of YOU

Workout of the Day:
ARC Trainer cardio segment 45 minutes (I have been on this routine for 2 days now)

Nutrition of the Day:
Crock Pot Chicken Ready for Meal 5
Coffee, one cup…fabulous
1-Pre-workout shake
2-Post-workout shake, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds
3-Peppered turkey breast with Avocado on a Thin Bun, Grapes
4-High Fiber Wrap with Almond Butter and Dried Cranberries
5-Crock Pot Chicken and Baked Butternut Squash
6-Two Protein Balls


Stay Healthy!

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