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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am Not into New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!  OK…I am back from all my holiday festivities and I hope you had a safe, happy and healthy one.  I was thinking about the word “RESOLUTIONS” today and I have to honestly say that I am not into New Year’s Resolutions…I mean really.  Do you know the word resolution in terms of New Years means a commitment to yourself? Now remember, this is me and my life to motivate you and my opinions are never meant to offend…but I do like to make points along the way.  If you have been following my blogs, I am very candid and a no BS person and trainer…I hold nothing back when it comes to motivating you with my life…and to not know me for me…well…that is just hypocritical.  Now…moving on to the subject of resolutions and my thoughts.  I do not need a special day to make a commitment to myself and in fact, everyday should be a commitment that I will be the BEST me every moment of that day…a better wife, mother, daughter, trainer, friend, and in tune with my physical and spiritual self…I am always a work in progress.   Do I celebrate the New Year…well, of course…I enjoy ringing in the New Year with hubby, family and friends…a good party, movie, a toast, or whatever is planned for that evening.  This year just happened to be a cozy movie night at home with a Stay Healthy Pizza and Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies for dessert.   I hear so many comments about New Year’s Resolutions…I am going to lose weight, get in the best shape, watch less TV, spend more time with my spouse and family, work less, relax more, talk to God more…the list is endless…but this is the kicker…I also here in conjunction…I am going to party my ass off, eat everything I can, drink and smoke as much as I can…because my time is running out to do all those things before January 1st...OK GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY…sorry, this is such BS. Soapbox Darla…here I come...I so disagree with this attitude and the sad thing is that the so-called resolutions/commitments that everyone makes are seldom kept and in fact peter out at the 4-week mark…no joke. Studies have shown that the average time that a person sticks to their New Year’s Resolution is one month…so all that eating to oblivion and 15lb weight gain, drinking until liver is pickled, working overtime to stress overload, and TV watching until brain fried and family does not recognize you….is ABSOLUTELY worthless and in fact…an EXCUSE to be negligent with your body. Then the ugly cycle returns every 10 months as this behavior starts rearing its ugly head at Thanksgiving and continues through January 1st.   I mean…OMG and hell to the Big Giant NO WAY for this 47 year young woman. 
I Became a Grandma!!!
I would not be living a healthy lifestyle if every 10 months I deliberately treated my body, self and family like doo doo.   What would that say for the respect that I have for me, and the example that I set for my clients and family as a healthy person…it would say I had none.  I take my body, life, family and health very seriously and am very passionate about what I teach on a daily basis…so, sorry…the excuse to do this just does not fly with me.  Am I a hardcore do not have anything over the holidays…NO…I have things in moderation and choose wisely…did you read my “I am a Cheater” blog?  Well, this is ME…and healthy lifestyle means LIFESTYLE. 

As far as resolutions are concerned, I would have to say I believe in daily resolutions…changes for the better…it could be as simple as modifying an exercise that does not aggravate my neck or improving a recipe after a flub in the kitchen, to making sure that I say “I Love You” to hubby each day as he walks out the door, taking time to read a scripture and reflecting on that verse, calling my kids, emailing each client something encouraging for the day…well, you get my point.  So, in a way, I do utilize resolutions…and get excited about the positive changes coming from those commitments.  Would I toss New Year’s holiday out the window…NO WAY…it is such a fabulous celebration and reflection of the year that has past and the New Year to come…and a time for me to be thankful…do I think everyone falls into the category of not being true to their resolutions…NO…but sadly, the majority do not follow through.  The BEST part about today is that a commitment to be a BETTER ME and YOU can start right now…and that is a Happy New Year!

Motivation of the Day:  A Year from Now What Will I Wish I Would Have Started Today

Meal 1
My Nutrition of the Day:
1-Crockpot Steel Cut Oats topped with walnuts/raisins
1 Cup coffee with n/f French vanilla creamer
2-Post Workout Shake (the works)
3-Baked Butternut Squash & B/S Chicken Breast
4-Vanilla Whey Protein Balls (2)
5-Lean Turkey Burger on thin bun topped with onion/tomato/avocado

Love My Low Rows
My Workout of the Day:
ARC trainer – 20 min
Back Leg Core Interval Circuit (each exercise for 1 minute, repeated 3x)
Squats 10lb dumbbells
Dead lifts 10lb dumbbells
Negative Pull ups
Lunges 10lb dumbbells
Pull downs 30lbs
Low rows 30lbs
Body Ball Abs

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am so glad I 'discovered' you and your videos and blog! You are SUCH AN INSPIRATION! I'm hoping that if I watch you enough, you'll rub off on me! lol SO grateful to you for taking time to share and advise... not only do you look fit and healthy, but you have an awesome, very likeable personality which draws people to you! Thanks again for all you do and I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you! Donna F in SC! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Donna!!! Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the content. If I have reached YOU...that is my reward. Spread the word and I wish you health for this upcoming New Year and for a Stay Healthy Lifetime!


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